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At Design Resumes, your resume writing services are provided by working directly with me, Julie Walraven, a triple-certified professional resume writer and career professional. We use my unique interactive, interview-based process to uncover your talents and skills. Each package also includes your targeted cover letter to help you win the job you really want.

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resume writing servicesMy four career marketing package offerings, which also include the resume writing services, are designed with a strategic job search philosophy. Job seekers need a robust mix of job search tools to be successful in today's economy.

Questions about working together for your resume writing services? Use the app below to schedule a convenient time to talk or call me at 715-574-5263 (Central Time Zone)

  • resume writing servicesCertified Executive Resume Master (CERM) — 2015
  • Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Writer — 2015
  • Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW)  — 2014
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)  — 2003

Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn WriterThank you Julie for everything you've done and for believing in me when I needed it the most. ~ M.L., Teacher

Beginning Job Seeker Resume & Cover Letter Services

$337.00 USD

  • Geared for new graduates and entry-level workers, just starting out in the workforce. You will experience a personal one-on-one coaching and resume writing sessions that allow you to ask questions and help me tailor your resume for the jobs you desire.
  • Salary range for this option is $25,000 to $38,000.
  • Your targeted (this isn't a one-size-fits-all resume) and branded resume created with a unique-to-you design and written to capture the stories of your accomplishments.
  • Known for my teaching style of resume writing, you benefit from the job search strategies I teach throughout the resume writing process.

Enterprising Professional Resume & Cover Letter Services

$457.00 USD

  • You are on your way! Whether in healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, sales or construction, you have begun to advance and are looking for ways to capture the attention of hiring managers.
  • Salary range for this option is $38,001 to $62,000.
  • Designed for the upwardly moving professional on your way to a successful career and ready to showcase your talents in your resume.
  • My clients are winners who understand that investment in job search and resume writing pays off in quicker hires and higher salaries.

Soaring Executive Resume & Cover Letter Services

$697.00 USD


You are on the path to the executive suite. You are ready to transition into  the role of director or vice president or move on to a new organization to use your executive level skills.

  • Salary range for the Soaring Executive Resume and Cover Letter is $62,001 to $132,000.
  • You are ready to balance risk-taking and decision-making, with confidence!
  • You need to identify what sets you apart from those who have not risen to this level of leadership.
  • You have learned to use organizational power and wise executive leadership.
  • You are a fearless champion of innovation and technology.

C-Level Executive Resume and Cover Letter Services


Your resume needs to capture the definitive value you bring to an organization! Showcase your comprehensive leadership skills in your field and as a key player in the executive management team. I can do that! As a Certified Executive Resume Master, I am your connection to the resume writing services you need to make that positive impact in your job search.

  • Salary range for the Exceptional Executive Resume and Cover Letter is $132,001 and up.
  • Designed exclusively for those in senior leadership roles or aspiring to C-Level executive positions.
  • You have reached the pinnacle of your career and need to specify exactly what makes you a match for your new C-Level position.
  • You have matured in a competitive landscape and grown up as an executive who desires to live with integrity, you want to share your success stories in your resume.
  • You want to create a compelling resume, rich with the insight you have garnered throughout your career.

New! Each of the resume writing services also includes a complimentary DISC assessment, the resume & cover letter version. This assessment will help me get to know you better and provide substantial value to you in your job search process. I have been an Authorized DISC Administrator since 2002.

ProfilingPro-LogoYour DISCstyles Report will help you learn about your natural characteristics. You will confirm strengths you may be aware of and realize some you have not yet identified. You will learn how to relate the value that all your natural strengths bring to the workplace and how they impact your ideal work environment. Recognizing these aspects of your style will help you make a positive impact on the interviewer. It will also improve your chances of a good “fit” in a job that you will enjoy going to each day.

I help job seekers transform their resumes and job search strategies in interactive, solution-driven strategic planning sessions. To see how my resume writing services can help you, call me (Julie Walraven) at 715-564-5263 or email

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Success resume writing services

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Or have you hit a roadblock with your job search?

  • I am Julie Walraven, a multi-certified professional resume writer, who transforms your job search by working collaboratively with you to create your eye-popping, value-driven resume and LinkedIn Profile.

Use Select your Resume Package chart below to choose the best strategic career marketing solutions for your particular career path and experience! You will discover renewed confidence in your abilities and talents. For those seeking only the resume and cover letter rather than a full job search strategy, I also offer Resume Writing Services for all career levels.

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  • Or book an appointment on my calendar with my Calendly scheduling app to discuss your project and career goals. The 20 minute prospect call option will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about services.

Committed professionals understand that their career is worth the investment of both their time and their finances.

“It has been a whirlwind since you completed my resume, many changes to the organization in light of the merger, a busy market, and as well many folks making decisions to leave versus stay. For me, an offer was made that I will be accepting. I can tell you my resume has been met with rave reviews so I trust you implicitly, have recommended you, and will be a customer for life as I may need to re-engage you.”

Look at the Select Your Resume Package options above and then call me at 715-574-5263 or you can email me.

Select your Resume Package to get your job search or career change working for you!

  • I teach you the secrets of successful networking, interviewing, and job search strategies.
  • Is it time to invest in your career, yourself and your future?

My interactive and collaborative writing process makes me your partner in your job search. Together, we write collaboratively while I interview you to find your resume success stories, contributions, and value to your next employer. I work with clients who choose to meet with me in my Wausau, Wisconsin office or virtually with clients throughout the United States using Skype or WebEx.

Looking for customized packages?  Call me to configure your package to best match your job search and/or entrepreneurial career marketing needs.

Gift Certificates in any amount can be purchased. Call me at 715-574-5263.

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Let me Write Your Resume

Do you keep applying for your dream job but the silence from hiring managers is deafening or "no thank you" rejections are piling up?

Let me write your resume! Take charge of your job search and hire me, Julie Walraven, a triple-certified resume writer with more than 30 years of custom resume writing and career marketing experience.

The resume is the beginning point.

When you choose to become my client, we work together on all the critical components of a job search. In addition to your resume, when you buy one of the packages (Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Premium), you select the specific services you need. All four of my packages include Linked Profile Writing and Optimization as well as my unique LinkedIn tour and coaching. All packages (and the resume writing services) now include a DISC profile and my DISC consultation.

What Services do you provide?Let me write your resume - Certified Executive Resume Writer

  • Interview coaching
  • Networking coaching
  • Job search coaching
  • Executive bios
  • Mini bios
  • Coaching on how to write captivating articles that position you as a subject matter expert for LinkedIn's Pulse blog option.
  • Many other services, check them out here.

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As a client, you commit to one-on-one sessions where I discover your talents, value, and accomplishments and retarget, rebrand and repurpose your job search. The number of calls and offers my clients receive often result in "substantial job offers."

Personalized & Interactive Resume Writing

Let me write your resume - Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW)Successful job seekers love our personalized meetings we use to let me write your resume. By using my project roadmap and interactive interview-style resume writing process, you know exactly how your resume meets your career goals.

Client-Immersed Resume Writing Process

My client-immersed process of resume development and writing allows me to work directly with clients in my Wausau, Wisconsin office or in a LIVE online session via Skype or WebEx to complete your resume, cover letters or LinkedIn profile. A wide array of other services complements the resume. See the ALL NEW Select your resume package matrix.

Julie Walraven - Let me write your resume!How long does it take?

You are unique! In 60 minute or 90-minute sessions, when you let me write your resume, your resume is the first stage of your services. Depending on your career path, your story, how ready you are, and whether you are entry-level or executive, your resume requires between 3 to 8 hours to create. 

What is your process?

  • I design your resume plan and project collaboratively with you using my project roadmap.
  • Interactive LIVE resume writing and job search coaching. You watch your project evolve from a blank page to your value-infused professional resume along with selected job search strategies that fit your needs.
  • By using investigative interviewing, we uncover your unique value!

How do I pay?

  • Payment is required prior to project start!
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  • If you use PayPal Credit, PayPal pays me immediately but you have up to 6 months to pay at 0% interest.

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Why the one page resume is the wrong strategy

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Jobseeker, are you invoking “The Law of Subtraction”?

Law of Subtraction

You all have probably heard of the “Law of Attraction.” We are naturally attracted to attractive people — not meaning necessarily movie-star quality people but the people whose personalities brighten a room, the person you naturally call when you want to chat, and the person you enjoy spending time with on a regular basis.

What is the Law of Subtraction?

Prior to the popularity of social media, the job seeker with the “bad attitude” was likely to annoy his family members, neighbors, and any remaining friends. He complained about how bad it was, ranted about no jobs, or chastised the last person who answered his call at the employment agency. This was a relatively small pool and it was unlikely that people who were in a position to hire him would hear his whines or attacks.

Today, however, we entered into the world of online conversations connecting us with individuals around the world. Some job seekers seem to be clueless as to who may be listening to their trash talking of former employers, the government, and potential interview opportunities. This is the Law of Subtraction. Instead of attracting people, you are creating a negatively-charged atmosphere.

Ranting about HR policies, interviewers, and other people who are now hired may momentarily lift the job seekers distress but the long range potential for the “Law of Subtraction” to take over the job search is growing with every angry word.

How can you create an attraction-based job search?

  • Save the rants for people you trust. Use the back side of Facebook or Twitter’s direct messages to talk to a select few people when the stress piles up.
  • Stay offline when you are overwhelmed. You’ve heard of “don’t tweet drunk?” Don’t tweet angry either!
  • Engage in positive activity. Volunteering for something you enjoy or have talent in can do many things for you. Helping others has been shown to make us feel good. You will be networking with others and new doors open when we network.
  • Think about what you say before you hit send or enter. If you hold off even a couple of minutes before you post that status or send that tweet you may change your mind.
  • Read positive books, listen to inspiring music, and get exercise. None of those three have to cost money. Visit the library or grab a book you always meant to read off your own shelf. Find music on the web or on the air that you enjoy. And take a walk or do some in house exercise.
  • Make sure your resume and cover letters are value-infused. Sending out resumes simply listing job duties will add to your distress. Take the time to learn how to create accomplishment-focused career marketing strategies to sell your value to the next employer.

When you turn that bad attitude around, eliminate the Law of Subtraction, you will find opportunities starting to come your way. These aren’t going to be easy changes for everyone but it will help to make you the candidate people are seeking instead of the one they wish would go away.

If you need someone in your corner to give you that boost of confidence to create a job search that works, start here at my Let me write your resume page.

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26 Responses to Jobseeker, are you invoking “The Law of Subtraction”?

  1. […] on the level of authority that the toxic personality holds, you may suggest to management that changes should be made. However, be very careful with this action because it can backfire very quickly. Obviously, if this […]

  2. As a current job seeker (just over a year now) one of the reasons I didn’t have more of an online presence than I did (LinkedIn) was to protect myself from doing something stupid. (there were other reasons as well that I won’t go into here one of which was time) However, I wanted to do something more. Last week, I finally took the plunge and set up a blog. In conjunction with that (maybe a day or two later), I set up a twitter account. You can be sure I will careful in what I say there and elsewhere.

  3. Are you burning the candle at both ends? | Solutions from Design Resumes & Thoughts from Julie Walraven says:

    […] people are just tired of everything. They can rant on social media but that usually sets off the Law of Subtraction and is counterproductive. A better solution is to find a way to recharge, perhaps with one of these […]

  4. Hi Ricardo, thanks for stopping by! I agree with you about keeping all rants offline because it will come back to bite you at some point. You have no clue who read your words and said nothing but just made a judgment against you.

  5. Re: “Think about what you say before you hit send or enter.”

    Couldn’t agree more! I also thing that rants and the like shouldn’t be taken on-line, period. They should be saved for one-on-one discussions amongst friends. It’s just that once you thrust it online, it’s there for the world to see and it comes of negative in most cases and well, it just doesn’t look good.

  6. […] 1. Don’t complain about being out of work online. Not on Facebook. Not on Twitter. Not on your blog. Sure, you can write about what you’re looking for in a new job. You can even write about the lessons you’re learning by being out of work, but the second you moan and groan about how awful it is, we’re taking your off our potential talent list. Julie Walraven wrote a great post about that yesterday. Read it here. […]

  7. Thanks, Melissa! I think any time we get the focus off of us and give to others, we automatically feel better. People who give up wallowing and whining will find out that there are brighter days ahead. (Your volunteer post was a great post – I had to use your search to find it because I knew I read it awhile back!)

  8. I love the way you give some specific advice on how to turn around a job hunt that’s infused with negativity. It’s hard when things don’t seem to be going well, but sometimes it’s a matter of “fake it ’til you make it” when interacting with the general public (and especially with key people). Those who are part of that circle of support will understand if there’s some venting during the rough times.

    And thank you for the link to my post :) Volunteering does amazing things for one’s frame of mind!

  9. Thank you, Ed! I seem to have made many wordsmiths happy today! I’m glad to be of help. More importantly, if this post reaches one job seeker who is poisoning their future, it has done its job!

  10. Thank you, Jacqui, commenting and tweeting it out. It has been a difficult time but one that we all need to work hard at being positive. Thanks for liking Law of Subtraction… it seemed like the opposite of attraction… Word lover that you are!

    I love your last line: “Step, over step (applying any or all of your 6 action ideas), job seekers will find the way from darkness to light!”

  11. And I call myself a wordsmith–I love it! “Law of Subtraction” is excellent!

    It really does come down to Gandhi’s wise words: “be the change you want to see in the world.” If you want more positive things, create them with your words and actions.

    Excellent blog entry, Julie!

  12. Julie,
    Law of Subtraction <– that's brilliant word-ology!

    Your 6 bullets of HOW to create an attraction-based job search resonate and are REAL ways that negative folks can (as Gini says) create an upside-down frown.

    We've all felt put-upon and down-trodden, and life IS hard, but spraying negativity across the web has so many downsides. Not only will it impact hiring decision-makers' opinions of you, but it will further fuel your own bad feelings.

    As you advised, vent to a friend 'privately;' then move on to a hopeful place, using pragmatic action steps. Step, over step (applying any or all of your 6 action ideas), job seekers will find the way from darkness to light.


  13. I wish all the job seekers in the HireFriday Community would read this and take these words to heart. You really nailed it. Stay positive, keep your digital footprint clean, and make sure that which is traceable to you is what you would want to see on the front page of tomorrow’s news papers.

    Great words of wisdom,

    Margo Rose, Founder & CEO of HireFriday

  14. I love your attitude, Gini, this economy has been hard on everyone and all of us get that but you still have to think before you speak, tweet, or post. Some of my clients have been very successful in landing new positions in this economy throughout the whole period from 2007 to now. A few, despite having me in their corner, have not. I would guess that those are the ones with the frowns on their faces, rants on their tongues, and anger in their attitudes. Employers have choices and today you need to remember that. Why choose the one who is whining?

  15. This is such a good post, Julie! Coming from a business owner’s position, and of one who interviews candidates, we pay attention to what people say on and offline before we bring them in, even for the first interview.

    We’ve had two instances where we didn’t interview candidates because of what they’d said online. The negativity kills me. You think if you complain about everything online, potential employers won’t look at that to determine how you’ll behave at work? We do. And it makes finding the right talent much easier.

    Just like I told my niece this weekend, when she was mad that her mom was making her wear shoes she didn’t want to wear, let me see your upside down frown!

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