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What happens when you send the wrong message?

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I think I see it on Twitter the most but it is out there on every social media platform. You see someone reposting the same message over and over. What do I do? I block them. Often they are bots and it creates a problem. Other times though I see someone who seems to have gotten the profile right. A good photo, a statement of belief or brand and even a link to somewhere.

But that overwhelming, repetitive message of “buy this” or “go here to… fill in the blank (lose weight, make fast money, become beautiful…)” makes me block and report. I don’t want you in my stream.

Are you doing this in your job search?

Have you passed the point of using common sense and reaching out to become a pest? Do you really think this is going to work?

Everyone I know hates telemarketers. Yet businesses employ them. Why? Because once in awhile they find a lonely person or a vulnerable person who bites. Blasting the same message on social media, calling the HR department every day, or sending email after email will not get you results.

Change up the game

Start building relationships. One step at a time. You would be surprised how being positive, being helpful, and being kind makes you the person people want to connect with.

Go ahead and ask for a connection but then don’t blast people with unwanted messages. Build communication. Think about talking to your neighbor over the fence or when shoveling snow. Or the person you ride on the train with every day. Open the door to a kind conversation but don’t turn it into a steady stream of pushing your needs on them.

You will find that using this strategy does build the network you desire and may end up giving you the connection to your next gig.

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3 Responses to What happens when you send the wrong message?

  1. I like your analogy of talking to your neighbor. It’s simple. I think we marketers often over think these things, make them more complicated than needed.

  2. Nice post Julie!
    Positive,helpful and kind is the way to go.Just like you!
    Thanks for the reminder.