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The challenge of finding the best strategy in job search

The challenge of finding the best strategy in job searchWhatever a challenge is for you, big or small, it takes strategies to win. In my world of resume writing and career marketing, the misconception is that there are hard and fast rules of the way it has to be to get the employers attention.

What Job Search strategy will work for your market?

In reality, you need to use strategy to figure out what will work for your market. Many times, job seekers follow hard and fast rules that they learned somewhere without giving strategy a single thought. When people who hire me send me their old resumes to review, they may not match the strategy I would have used but there may be great content within the resume.

I start by listening to the goal of the client and make sure they do have a goal beyond “getting a job.”

  • Where do they feel their skills can best benefit the employer?
  • What is their geographic preference? Do they prefer or need to stay wherever they currently live? Do they have a preferred new area they really want to explore living in and starting over?
  • Are they planning to transition into a new career? What skill sets fit and what new ones do they need for the target position?
  • What is the market like in their target areas?
  • Have they evaluated the economic conditions in the area they want to move? Are they using, or to assess the potential earning and make sure the company is a good fit?
  • What specific skills do they want to highlight?
  • What are the accomplishments that set them apart from everyone else?

Design your resume to reach your job search strategy and career marketing goals?

Then we develop and design a resume to reach those goals. Following a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work for everyone in the job market. You need to differentiate yourself from the mob of job seekers. I had a young client who recently was interviewed for a very specific set of skills. There were 60 applicants for the job. Her resume was picked because it stood out but then she also had prepared for the interview and successfully conveyed her value. They told her they had interviewed six candidates and would get back to her for the next round of interviews.

Remember your job search strategy has to fit you and your job targets! If you are only following a books advice without fine-tuning it to meet your own specific needs, you will not succeed. However, a tightly designed career marketing and job search strategy will channel your goals and turn your search into a new position in a role you will enjoy.

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9 Responses to The challenge of finding the best strategy in job search

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  2. For sure it takes strategy to land a good job, but the cv has to be well polished too.

  3. Well said. Nowadays it is more than just a CV that lands one that job. There is a time to do it differently one time, and it worked for me. I chose to go directly to the selected companies that I wanted to work with and went straight to whoever was in charge of employment and had a one on one talk with them pertaining my skills, what I can do and everything they wanted to know about me. That was my strategy.

    • That can work if the employer has the time to talk to you and you are in a field in high demand. Most employers would control how many times they let that happen if your skills were common.