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4 Top Tips to help job seekers increase visibility on Google

No doubt about it, social media marketing has come into play in every business plan and should also be part of every job seeker’s career marketing plan. I work with a variety of clients and some of them really get the role this brave new world of online marketing plays in job search. Others, well, some are totally clueless.

Today let’s discuss best practices in online and social media job search strategies.

1.) → Fully Optimized LinkedIn Profile

When a client’s specific goal is to have me write and optimize their LinkedIn profile, I ask what their goal is with LinkedIn. Some people answer that this is the place they feel professionals need to be online, others state that they heard recruiters value LinkedIn as a recruiting source, and still others see it as a tool employers use to find people.

The difference between being on LinkedIn with a fully optimized profile and just being on LinkedIn is that for all the above to happen, you need to have the keywords and accomplishments in your profile. You also need to do more than have a presence. Once your profile is fully optimized, start connecting. When I started on LinkedIn, I was told to reach 60 connections and I would start seeing LinkedIn working for me. The revised number is now 100. You do need to make sure those are value connections not random ones. Joining groups and answering questions on LinkedIn will also make you more visible.

But you really need to use LinkedIn to make it work for you. By using, I mean actively search employers and figure out who know (which gets easier as you build connections), use LinkedIn’s own job tab to see which employers are posting on LinkedIn and apply through LinkedIn and then follow-up with any connections you can see that are decision makers.

2.) → Presence on Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Just as with LinkedIn, the other social networks will both increase your visibility if you are strategic in your message. You can’t simply post things off the top of your head like: “I need a job” because being needy or looking needy never works.

For more social media marketing tips for job seekers  on Twitter specifically:

3.) → Commenting on Blogs

If you are trying to push your name recognition up on blogs, start by commenting on blogs in any field. To gain recognize as an expert in your own field, comment on blogs in your field of expertise. If you are an engineer, comment on blogs about engineering. Speak intelligently and word your comments in a way that shows your ability without sounding bossy, boasting, or boring.

Respect the space of the blogger. Many blogs like this one let you put links using plug-ins like CommentLuv that will lead other readers and the blog owner to your own space. If you have your own blog, use it that way. I don’t recommend mindlessly adding links to consumer products. Don’t abuse the comment area by recommending your own products or someone else’s. Most blog owners don’t want to endorse products or services that they have no knowledge of or can’t verify. It’s rude to leave links in comments unless you are doing it through CommentLuv or similar features.

In the early days when I was learning social media, I commented on many blogs using my name. This strategy and other references to my name via media and my own posts has made a Google search for Julie Walraven expand to many pages. It takes time to do this.

4.) → Your own Content Marketing site (blog)

Launching your own space will make you more visible on social media but it is not easy and should not be taken lightly. It is a commitment. This blog has more than 500 posts on it as well as the extra content from resume samples, pricing pages, and more but it took an effort to get here. My other blog that I thought I would post on regularly is not really getting any of my attention, not because I can’t think of content but because I am busy. At some point, when you are a busy professional even getting the laundry done regularly takes commitment. (don’t laugh) And keeping a blog going the right way is even more difficult.

You might find this post interesting from my “other blog” if you are thinking of starting your own site:

  • 10 basic tips for beginning bloggers

And here is the job seeker blog tips:

Job seekers and career changers should not ignore all these “nifty” new tools. But at the same time, use them correctly.

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