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Are you using the wrong software for your resume?

What should I write my resume in?Every once in awhile I get a call from a frustrated job seeker who wonders why their resume doesn’t get to the destination. After a little discovery, I find out that the file extension is .wps file which means it is a version of Microsoft Works. Now there are converters and ways to open the files here and here and here.

Do you think the employer will convert your resume?

If an employer spends as little as 15 to 30 seconds on a resume, you really can’t expect them to go through another step of downloading a converter or even just using another program.

If the majority of corporations are using Microsoft Word, and you are emailing your resume, you need to be using Word too. I realize this may mean an investment into software or perhaps the inconvenience of using someone else’s computer.

You can go the Open Office route but I know there have been people who had problems with features changing from the way Word would interpret it and you really don’t want to risk that.

Now of course when you hit the online applications, you do need the text version of the resume and you can investigate solid steps to make that online text resume work for you here. But because we really want you to use more than online applications at Design Resumes, we suggest that networking using the presentation version both in person and via email will garner you more results than just applying online.

Successful job search requires investment on many fronts. You need to have the right software on your computer. You need to have a newer computer, it helps to have internet access both for resources for your job search and to help you apply in this digital world of ours.

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2 Responses to Are you using the wrong software for your resume?

  1. I’d suggest a Windows 7 equipped PC with Microsoft Word. Preferably you should have Office 2010. There are ways and means for converting that to an older version and they do not take much time.

    • Hi Andy, I think Windows 7 with MS Word is good. Office 2010, well I work in Office 2007 and save back to 97 to 2003. With the recession, many corporations slowed their technology upgrades and staying with a .doc extension is better than going with the newest version. I finally bought Office 2007 at the end of 2009 when I upgraded my computer.