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Hope is the fuel that gets you to the next step

Hope is the fuel that gets you to the next stepReferring to the post with the “I gotta job song in it, a client replied: “I can’t do the gotta job song but I did the second interview dance in my dining room!” That’s the way!

When I posted that on Facebook, someone answered, “I still have hope yet.” And my reply was the title to this post, “Hope is the fuel that gets you to the next step.”

Feeling Hopeless

Someone who is trying to find a new job, particularly the unemployed, but anyone who is trying to make a change, but frustrated with the length of time or feels like it will never work out, often feels hopeless. Sometimes they figure that someone like me won’t understand. I’ve said this before but I really do get it.

As an unemployed person, you wonder when the savings or unemployment checks, or if you are lucky, severance payments will run out and how you will survive. When you are self-employed, the uncertainty is even bigger. You don’t have a regular check.

Most of my adult life, not only have I been self-employed but my husband was also self-employed as a remodeling contractor. He experienced the same frustrations of bidding jobs and either not getting them or sometimes getting them and bidding too low, hardly a regular income stream.

I added the non-profit contracts to my business in 1991 and 1997 to stabilize my income and bring in that monthly check. The contracts were never big though, at the peak, they added $1565 as a base to my income and all the rest had to come from somewhere, hopefully resume clients.

Unfortunately, the contracts absorbed my most of my time, I didn’t understand or do any real marketing for Design Resumes, and my pricing structure was all wrong. In December 2009, I dropped the last non-profit contract with Wausau Whitewater and went solo with Design Resumes.

I suppose I should have been scared silly. But even though I went solo from a sole source of income perspective, I didn’t go it alone. Within days of resigning from Wausau Whitewater, I contacted Jim Connolly to explore how working with him would help me grow my business and as he says, achieve the breakthrough marketing results your hard work deserves.

See beyond your fears

Jim has guided my business for the past three years and one of the largest tasks is to remind me not to be scared, not to feel hopeless, to see beyond my fears, and to grow confidence as a business professional.

This year he reminded me that though my business will always have peaks and valleys, hopefully this year’s valleys are higher than last years and this year’s peaks are higher than last years. When you have the uncertainty of no regular checks and the uncertainty of income that fluxes, you face the same fears as the unemployed. But if you let that be your focus, you lose your ability to project positive vibes to attract new business and it becomes a vicious cycle of fear and hopelessness.

If you are unemployed, you need to see beyond your fears. You will get to the other side. It  may take time but you will get there. In the process, you may learn some new strategies and ways to be more in control of your career so if it ever happens again you have some plans in place.

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