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4 Top errors job seekers make in online ATS applications

Confused by online applications?

Are you confused by online job applications? Do you know that ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System? ATS is the method that many companies use to sort job applicants. You enter your information into the job application and it automates your submission for a specific job.

There are many different ATS products. My research found this list of Applicant Tracking Systems but some of the most company ones that I see in my area are not on the list. Many companies here seem to use Taleo, which is not on the list though I have run into Kenexa in the past which is on the list.

4 top errors by job seekers

  1. Typing right into the application — as I have said before, many job seekers think they can skip the process of developing a resumebecause they believe (wrongly) that all job search is online applications.
    • Right answer? Spend time creating the resume first which is not a piece of paper by your golden ticket. If you don’t want to hire a professional resume writer, spend the same time a pro would in researching your targets and selecting quantifiable and qualified accomplishments that demonstrate your successes in the job target.
  2. Trying to paste the presentation version which gets all messed up in the process.
    • Design Resumes clients all get the text version of the resume and a link to these instructions for online applications. After uploading the text version of your resume, you keep the text version open and paste the correct information into the fields that the ATS product parsed the data incorrectly.
  3. Assuming that applying online is the end all for your  application.
    • One of the scariest parts of job search is reaching out beyond the online application. Finding a network connection for those people who don’t like networking is just hard but if you think about the possibility that you will not get a chance at the job, you may feel more motivated to look for connections.
  4. Worst possible online application error?Typing in “see resume” instead of filling in the blanks
    • Why? The job of the ATS product is to only forward the resumes that match the criteria in the job description. If you don’t even put any information in, you lost the chance that your data matches anything.

If you are one of those people who are perplexed by job search, don’t go it alone. Find help from someone or hire someone to help you.

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6 Responses to 4 Top errors job seekers make in online ATS applications

    • I would agree with you. However, if the target is the same sort of position, a well prepared resume in text format will serve you much better than typing in each time. You can always add more to the specifics with accomplishments and examples fitting the position. Thanks for stopping by!