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What social media networks do you recommend for job seekers?

Sorting through the social media optionsWhen you look at today’s job search, it can be a confusing array of too many options. Job seekers are told to stay away from social media and to go toward social media at the same time.

When I determined that I would take Design Resumes to a new level in December 2009, social media was there but in many cases still not a household word. In fact, one platform, Google+ wasn’t even in existence until June 28, 2011. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter were there long before.

Now if you open a multiple share button on a blog site, you can see many platforms and networks as options but many have either come and gone – like MySpace or never became popular. There are platforms that seem to pop up whenever you do a search for anything but aren’t really mainline.

When it comes done to it, you can only maintain a network in so many places without starting to get lost in the process or spend all your time trying to be visible. As many networks for job seekers come and go, you need to minimize how many places you are in to be effective.

What social media networks do I recommend for Job Search?

  • LinkedIn – still the foremost network for job seekers and professional connections. One of my most popular packages has LinkedIn as a key component because though there are many people who are already on LinkedIn, currently there are more than 187 million members worldwide in 200 countries, many profiles need work. Fully understanding LinkedIn and making sure your profile is complete will help you get noticed.
  • Facebook – I still think the benefits outweigh the risks. Facebook builds personal connections through the sharing of photos, building community, and just being yourself. As you meet one person, it leads to others and soon your horizon is widened. If you are looking to connect in your present location, Facebook will connect you will people who live where you do as well as ones that live a continent or two away.
  • Twitter – Though using Twitter takes you to a new kind of communication, it’s 140 character messages make you think about how you can more concisely phrase your message. Many people I met on Twitter continue to be part of my network both there and on other platforms.
  • Google+ – Google’s Wikipedia page says: “As of December 2012, it has a total of 500 million registered users of whom 235 million are active on a monthly basis.” Your network will be different on Google+ but isn’t that your goal anyway? You want to reach new people, not meet the same people on every platform.

There are plenty of other options out there and by tomorrow, there will probably be more but if you concentrate building community on these four platforms, I think you will see an effective platform. If you have been holding back in using social media for your job search, perhaps you can start with just one of the above and get your feet wet!

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“I highly recommend Julie as a professional career management consultant. Her ability to assess her clients needs and desires, and then creatively collaborate with them to create an overall digital profile that truly represents “who they are” is amazing.

It was time to give my professional profile some pizzaz, and create a professional online presence, and the first person that I thought of was Julie. After working with Julie as a professional, I can say that the service Julie provides is nothing short of the way to (as her web site states) “find your perfect career marketing strategy”. Give her personal face-to-face strategy a try!”