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How to strategically plan for your next career move

Let me begin with a little story.

This is how NOT to plan your next career move

After a few interrupted sleep nights in a row and 4 hours of sleep the night before, I decided to go to bed early. By the time I actually got in bed, it was about 8:40pm. I fell asleep happily until 9:37pm when my phone went off.

I do know I could turn it off. But Grampa is 90 and we have had more than one family emergency with my sons or other relatives and I just feel better leaving it on.

The client call in the middle of the night

But clients never call me in the middle of the night, they email. Until last night. (Perhaps you are  right, 9:37pm isn’t the middle of the night but it felt like it to me since I was sound asleep.) It was a local client. I know him quite well. He successfully expedited his job search and landed a sales management job after some years as an entrepreneur. After shaking off confusion, I said, “yes, I remember you.”

He said someone had requested his resume and though he could do it himself, he thought I could do it better. I asked when did he want it done? “Oh I thought you could do it tonight.”

After calmly explaining he had woken me up and no, I could not do it in the middle of the night and would not, he said he would muddle through it on his own. He gave me no apology for calling so late and he had no clue that an update needs more than typing a couple things in.

This is the worst case but I have had others. I remember someone who called in the morning and opened with how she really needed my help and she had this dream job that would elevate her from her very important position to the next level. After explaining fees and time tables, she said, “Oh, I wasn’t planning to spend anything like that and I need it done today.”

After my fellow career pros stop laughing, and yes, we all get this kind of a call or email. Here’s the reality.

Why you need strategy in your resume update

You need a resume professional when you have a job you really want, when your job search strategies are not working, and when you don’t know how to market yourself.

A professional resume writer sifts through your information and strategically positions you to meet the needs for a specific type of job and sometimes a specific “dream” position.

This needs time. When I work with a client, I need a minimum of 6-8 hours in my LIVE writing program for even the Bronze Level for entry level employees or new graduates. I write live with the client in a collaborative session using live interviewing and screen sharing (Skype or in-person) to develop a resume that resonates with the client’s value and accomplishments.

When I am working with management or executives, the challenge and time frame is longer. The investment is also greater as you move upward through my Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels. I work in blocks of 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours depending on client preference and their availability. I schedule early morning, daytime, evening, and even Saturday appointments.

Clients who work with me in my process love it!

The interaction and the excitement of seeing their project develop before their eyes is fun for them and me. They get interviews and jobs too like this client email from yesterday:

I wanted to let you know you have another success story. I was recently offered a position in the healthcare industry. I will be getting amazing benefits and my starting salary is $13,000 more than what I make now! Thank you!


I got the job!! On December 3, I will start my new role as Senior Director, National Board Office at their national headquarters in MD.

I truly appreciate your efforts, advice, referrals and support during this job search process. You have consistently went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with my résumé, cover letters, and online profiles. Thank you for everything! I could not have done it without Design Resumes.

My process takes time. Other resume writers have different processes but it takes time. We all have a client load. Sometimes we can fit you in within a week but your project will not turn around over night. Your project needs your input and our skills.

When you need a professional resume writer

If you are calling a resume writer because someone asked for your resume today, you are calling too late. Quality takes time. If you have been in a job for 3 years and you haven’t updated your resume, it is time. Most resume writers have really big hearts and they do want to help but they aren’t going to be available at a moment’s notice. Plan your career and work your plan.

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