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What not to do if you hate your NEW job

These tips work equally well if you hate your present job and you have had it for a long time. However,  I wrote a post entitled “What to do if I hate my NEW job” previously and it occurred to me that job seekers really also need to know what not to do when they hate their new job.

When in a search, job seekers are often so wanting to get a new job that they convince themselves that their job would be OK even though they know before they are hired that it is not a good fit.

Top 4 tips: What not to do if you hate your new job

  1. Don’t use company resources to search for the next job. Always good advice but especially if you were just hired. You have less leeway than most people. Company resources means phones, corporate cell phones, company computers, company time, company emails, and company fax or copy machines.
  2. Don’t complain on social media about your new job. People read that and you need to realize that whether you are home, at lunch, or worse, at work, people can find ways to know what you said.
  3. Don’t confide in anyone at work. They may seem like your best buddy but telling someone you just met that you are thinking of leaving may get you going out the door much faster than you planned.
  4. Don’t slack in your new job just because you don’t like it. You need to make sure that you keep your work up to top-level because when you are looking for a new job, they will check someone at your present position at least when you have a firm offer.

Keep notes of the good. Track your accomplishments so that when the time comes to make a move you can move with confidence providing substantial detailed statements of what you brought to the table. It is easy to think you did nothing but if you are really working at peak performance, you should have new accomplishments to report.

Your resume should reflect this job in most cases. You might want to leave it off and occasionally you can but in most cases, you should be including your new job on the resume unless you had it a very short time.

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