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Should you be reading to move ahead in your career?

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As a career professional, I need to stay on the top of my game. This means that on a given day depending on my client load, I will read and review multiple things. Some of those readings will be in a paper newspaper, hard cover books, and magazines.

Much of what I read is online. This morning, I have shared multiple things on my networks and I realize that perhaps some of my job seeking readers never think about how critical it is to stay on top of their game.

Why reading is critical to job seekers and entrepreneurs

As a job seeker, your reading may be very different from mine but you need to broaden your  horizons to make yourself more marketable. If you are an entrepreneur, you should be constantly reading to learn how to lead in your profession. Learn to discern the thought-leaders and use the power of Google to get you connected with leaders in your industry. You can find them everywhere these days, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Career Choices & Job Search Reading

  • Heather Coleman Voss’ share on Facebook caught my attention: To College or Not to College, That is the Question by David Straka
  • A November post by Career Sherpa, Hannah Morgan showed up in my Vizibility results and responds to a frequent question by job seekers: Fix it Friday, It is door-to-door no more?
  • Caught a Tweet by Jane Woods, the personal development specialist for women, “Are you getting what you are worth?”
  • Saw this post by Barb Poole on Google+, How Facebook can help your job search, a topic I also write about and talk about with every audience I speak with about career management and job search.
  • This post by Gini Dietrich resonated with my own thoughts on the Applebee’s public relations crisis: Six Tips for Managing an Out-of-Control Social Media Crisis.
  • It is cold in Wisconsin so this post by Mark Harai called to me: Living the unplugged lifestyle in Costa Rica.

Keeping connected with your favorite resources

This is just a sample of what I read on a daily basis, more some days and less other days. Some of these I catch on social media and other things I have delivered to my email. If you would like this blog delivered to your email, enter your email in the box at the top of the sidebar and don’t forget to activate by clicking the link in the email generated. (check your spam filter if you don’t see it.)

By reading this blog and all the other resources out there, you will become an informed job seeker. You’ll get my take on things like how the Applebee’s social media crisis affects you. You will learn  job search strategies, such as how to improve your networking and how to find that evasive hiring manager.

Looking forward to reading with you. Join me on the social media networks and share what you are reading!

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5 Responses to Should you be reading to move ahead in your career?

  1. And *I* am finally catching up on my reading for the week. I love this because it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, reading opens your mind to all sorts of new ideas and creative thinking. One of my very favorite questions to ask in an interview is, “What are you reading right now?” The answers are VERY telling. When someone tells me they don’t have time to read because they’re busy working (I hear this A LOT), I know they’re not the right fit for us.

    • Thank you, Hannah! I actually missed this post the first time out – or I think I missed it! I love having thoughtful, well-read colleagues like yourself to glean even more valuable career information to use.