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Does your resume capture who you are?

Frequently when I work with clients, we start with a plain Jane resume that says little about them and often fits on one page. Others are two pages but fail to elaborate on the accomplishments that they achieved or even the contributions they bring to the table.

Working with me either in-person or via Skype allows the client to talk through their career and let’s me ask them pointed questions that pinpoint those accomplishments and suddenly their resume goes from boring to WOW!

When you realize your value

I can hear it in their voice as they discover their value and understand that the resume is so much more than a listing of duties. As we create a show-stopping impact with their layout, they suddenly feel hope that transforms their voice and I can hear the smile and the excitement in their voice.

People ask me why I became a resume writer and why I continue to do it. The reason is simple, I help people find their worth and then they can find success in their job search.

The stories of “Yay! I did!” make my day and I delight in hearing that they found exactly what they were looking for and are now being paid at the rate they only dreamed of previously.

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