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What should go into your resume’s contact information?

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Last week I shared a blurb about email from another post on Design Resumes’ Facebook page.

#1. Your e-mail address should be your name and it should be on your resume as part of the header. If your name is John Smith, try using your middle initial or even your whole middle name. or

What is a resume header?

A reader assumed I was talking about Microsoft Word’s Header and Footer feature and left a comment to say I was totally wrong. She was worried about the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) not being able to parse the data correctly because they cannot see Headers – or Footers.

I don’t use Microsoft Word Headers or Footers in a resume for that reason though I know some other resume writers do use them. I don’t see that they help me create a better looking or better reading document. Anything you put into a resume that is not just text, such as a text box or table as well as headers or footers are not read by most ATS systems.

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What is the header on your resume?

The header or contact information area is simply the place where the hiring manager can find the details to connect with you: your name, your phone number, and your email.

Resume Header 3Your resume needs to have the following in the contact information area:

  1. Your Name – First and Last Names and for identity issues, you really should use an initial if you have a common name.
  2. Your physical address – although this is debated on resume writer forums, if you are sending your resume to an actual employer, you should have a physical address: 213 Brown Street, Wausau, WI  54401 not your PO Box. However, if you are posting it online on job boards, you might want to omit the physical address to avoid being stalked or creating other identity theft issues.
  3. Your cell phone number – you might be one of the few who still has only a land line, then use it. For most people, you are most accessible on your cell phone. Make sure you have a good voice mail message that you check frequently.
  4. Your email address – again you need to have a good email address and you need to check it at least daily.

Optional Resume contact information items:

  1. Your LinkedIn profile link – this is assuming you have optimized your profile and it adds value to the person looking.
  2. Your personal website – if you have developed a website with your online resume and portfolio, share it.
  3. Your QR code. – You may or may not have one. Some resume writers suggest that this is a great way to get other details and links to the reader.

How do you format your contact information on your resume?

There are myriads of ways to organize your contact information and myriads of ways to format them to match and accent your resume. The key is to create an attractive area that gives the information to the hiring manager and leaves plenty of room for the other important information you need them to know about you. However without your contact information prominently placed on the top of your resume, you probably will not get the calls you need or emails you need to get the job. Make it easy for the reader!

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2 Responses to What should go into your resume’s contact information?

    • I have seen resumes from training materials with QR codes but I have not seen them coming in from clients nor have I put them on. LinkedIn has value on the resume but unless you are in a field like social media marketing or have an IT role in SEO or a related field, generally the other ones don’t need to be on the resume.

      However, you had a great post some years ago about putting them on your business card. I think if you have space on the back, that could have impact or perhaps a link either on the resume or business card to your vizibility page.