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I built my reputation on trust and want to build trust with you.  I give you this disclosure page so that you understand from the start when I am talking about an affiliate.

With the exceptions, see below, every link and recommendation I give on this blog is without any form of payment.  Those I do receive payment for are services I use and believe in.  When I link to an affiliate in a post, I always let the reader know.

NEW ZipRecruiter: You will see a new widget on the front page sidebar and a new page entitled Job Search, both tied to ZipRecruiter. I have elected to affiliate with ZipRecruiter as a resource to help people find jobs.

Headway Themes: I was an affiliate of Headway Themes. This means I got paid an affiliate fee, when someone clicks on one of my Headway links and buys the theme.  I have used Headway for more than 5 years and I can confidently recommend it to anyone. The Headway Theme affiliate system changed and I have not contacted them recently to find out how I stay an affiliate.

The Happiness Garden: I am an affiliate of The Happiness Garden. Heather Bestel, who launched the Happiness Garden has been an online friend for several years and her husband, Peter, and daughter, Zoe, have been connections also. It was through Zoe’s music that I grew to know Heather better. The Happiness Garden is an Online Virtual Retreat for gorgeous women who know the importance of Extreme Self Care and the wonders of Personal Development and are ready to invest some scrumptious time in themselves to create the life they really, really deserve.

A little more on Heather Bestel: Her background is in: Therapy (psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming), Teaching (further education lecturer, special ed teacher, educational psychotherapist) Holistics ( reiki master, holistic therapist (Indian head massage) therapeutic storyteller) and Stress Management.

You can enjoy the Happiness Garden yourself by exploring the affiliate link.

From time to time, I may add other affiliates to this blog. This page is to comply with the requirements for disclosure of affiliates.

Obviously, this disclosure has nothing to do with my own work and services, which are provided for a fee to my clients.