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I built my reputation on trust and want to build trust with you.  I give you this disclosure page so that you understand from the start when I am talking about an affiliate.

With the exceptions, see below, every link and recommendation I give on this blog is without any form of payment.  Those I do receive payment for are services I use and believe in.  When I link to an affiliate in a post, I always let the reader know.

Headway Themes: I was an affiliate of Headway Themes. This means I got paid an affiliate fee, when someone clicks on one of my Headway links and buys the theme.  I have used Headway for more than 5 years and I can confidently recommend it to anyone. The Headway Theme affiliate system changed and I have not contacted them recently to find out how I stay an affiliate.

The Happiness Garden: I am an affiliate of The Happiness Garden. Heather Bestel, who launched the Happiness Garden has been an online friend for several years and her husband, Peter, and daughter, Zoe, have been connections also. It was through Zoe’s music that I grew to know Heather better. The Happiness Garden is an Online Virtual Retreat for gorgeous women who know the importance of Extreme Self Care and the wonders of Personal Development and are ready to invest some scrumptious time in themselves to create the life they really, really deserve.

A little more on Heather Bestel: Her background is in: Therapy (psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming), Teaching (further education lecturer, special ed teacher, educational psychotherapist) Holistics ( reiki master, holistic therapist (Indian head massage) therapeutic storyteller) and Stress Management.

You can enjoy the Happiness Garden yourself by exploring the affiliate link.

From time to time, I may add other affiliates to this blog. This page is to comply with the requirements for disclosure of affiliates.

Obviously, this disclosure has nothing to do with my own work and services, which are provided for a fee to my clients.

Guest Post Policy frequently gets requests for guest posts. This blog is a marketing blog for Design Resumes and is written by Julie Walraven and expresses her viewpoint and expertise on job search, resume writing, career marketing, and social media job search as well as the ramifications of job search on the individual. While we may collaborate with career colleagues or others on a post, the content is written by Julie. Requests for guest posts will be declined or ignored.

Link Request Guidelines

All links on this site are organic. If I link to another career marketing professional, resource, or other source, it is because I have built relationships with an individual or business or I highly respect their product.

I do not respond to emails with requests for links for this reason. Therefore, if you are wondering if I will exchange links with you, most likely the answer is no. I value my Google placement and choose to grow it organically through valued links only to products and people I know and respect.

Public Speaking & Presentations

Throughout the years, I have given numerous job search and resume writing seminars to college students, AmeriCorps members, high school students, and community groups to help job seekers grasp innovative career marketing strategies and share my knowledge of new ways to land a job.

  • Northcentral Technical College
  • University of Wisconsin – Marathon Campus
  • Globe University
  • Rasmussen College
  • AmeriCorps
  • Job Center of Wisconsin
  • Wausau West High School
  • John Muir Middle School

Media Highlights

Media Inquiries

In the current economic climate, job search strategies have become a hot topic. Julie Walraven has been a resource for radio, print media, and online media on topics that range from resume writing and LinkedIn profile development to interview strategies and personal branding.

Julie was quoted in The Washington Times for an article, Enhancing your online image written by Mark Kellner, Technology Reporter.

One of the projects that Julie participated in was the Jobseeker Makeover project with the Wausau Daily Herald team of Jake Miller and Carrie Hutton. This project was featured on the front page of the Sunday, February 27 issue of the Wausau Daily Herald.

You can read the article here: Wausau Daily Herald February 27 Job Seeker Makeover

Emily Neubauer at WAOW-TV asked for Julie’s input for a story: “Tips to set your resume apart.”

Julie Walraven can be reached at 715-574-5263 or by e-mailing for any media inquiries.

Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Senior Vice President

Banking, Maryland

“It has been a whirlwind since you completed my resume, a lot of changes to the organization in light of the merger, a busy market, and as well a lot of folks making decisions to leave versus stay.

For me, an offer was made that I will be accepting. I can tell you my resume has been met with rave reviews so I trust you implicitly, have recommended you, and will be a customer for life as I may need to re-engage you.”

Project Manager

Financial Industry

"I wanted to let you know that after several long months I was offered a position as a Project Manager for a merchant card processor here. I truly believe the redesign of my resume and highlights of my experience stood out for me to get that "first" interview!

President, United States Sales

Sales & Marketing

I wanted to let you know I just took a position. I'm very excited...exactly what I wanted. I can't tell you enough what a huge help you were for me...not only constructing an excellent resume and bringing my LinkedIn page alive, but also building my confidence.

Director - Strategy & Planning

Information Technology

Haven't spoken with you and some time but I wanted to let you know that I interviewed, competed, and won the Director - Strategy and Planning role. I am so thrilled and wanted to reach out and thank you for all the help you provided on my resume'.

Training & Sales


I GOT A JOB!!!!! Training and Sales - over 6 digit salary plus bonus plus all other benefits. Very Excited!!! Thank you for your help!

Director of Commerce


Since you helped me with my resume I've accepted a new position as Director of Commerce for the state. I am sure that when the opportunity became available the resume you helped develop helped seal the deal.