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Give a reason for your LinkedIn connection request

Give a reason for your LinkedIn connection request

LinkedIn Connection request by Julie WalravenOne of the tips I give my clients when we work on LinkedIn is to create a real invite and avoid hitting the connect button outside of a person’s profile. LinkedIn connection requests often come in with the default: “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

Auto-sending LinkedIn connection request

Many times you accidentally send a LinkedIn connection request. One of the reasons that happens is that you aren’t given a choice when you hit connect from the home page or the people you should know lists. LinkedIn auto-sends the invite with the default message.

While helping one another is a good reason for a LinkedIn connection request, many people are turned off by people who are obviously trying to sell something. If you are connecting to be able to pitch your product, you will find that most people don’t appreciate pitches. If you make it genuine, you will be better received.

If you are only connecting with people who would immediately recognize your name and/or photo, you might be able to get away with just clicking connect but if you have a broader LinkedIn strategy, you need to be able to give a reason or reminder of how you know each other to explain why you would like to connect.

  • We met at a Chamber event
  • We took the Psychology class together
  • We work in the same building
  • We met at Jack and Katie’s BBQ party last week
  • We ride the subway together every day
  • We belong to the same gardening club
  • We live on the same street

Your LinkedIn connection request just needs to be genuine to someone you feel connected to from another place, platform, or organization.

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