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What makes your resume value-driven?

What makes your resume value-driven?

What makes your resume value-driven?

The way to differentiate yourself in your job search is to make your resume value-driven but for most people this is a strange concept. Too many people get stuck trying to look like everyone else.

Blend in. Fit in. Be like everyone else.

How do you make your resume value-driven?

As a professional resume writer, my job is to find out what differentiates you.

How are you different from the next:

  • Business Analyst?
  • IT Project Manager?
  • Manager, Continuous Improvement?
  • Operations Manager?
  • Quality Business Relationship Manager?
  • Plant Manager?
  • Vice President of Global Business Development?

What makes you stand out?

  • What did you contribute to make the company better?
  • What process did you improve?
  • How did you grow sales by 45% year-over-year?
  • What role did you have in improving talent management?
  • What technology initiatives did you drive?
  • How did you improve the social media campaign visibility?
  • How did you build market share in a down-turned economy?
  • How did you bolster name recognition as a recognized competitor in your industry?
  • How did you extend leadership programs into emerging markets?
  • How did you coach and mentor a large disjointed program team into a cohesive group and increase productivity by 98%?
  • How did you reinvigorate and deliver the migration project five months ahead of the contractual schedule?
  • How did you create leadership retention?
  • How did you champion global diversity?

Is your resume value-driven or run-of-the-mill?

I work with amazing people from all over the world and help them discover the answers to questions like those above. Often it is very hard to see your own value, my job comes from seeing people light up or hearing the joy in their voice when they realize that not only their resume is value-driven but they offer value.

Most people bury their accomplishments or fail to see what makes them special. In our discovery sessions, people start to think of themselves differently and recognize that they bring value to the market place. It is my job to capture that but even before that, it is my job to help them recognize their value.

Land your next role! I am the pioneer of a unique resume writing strategy, I use interactive live writing and coaching sessions to capture your value and position you for success in your resume, on LinkedIn, and throughout your job search. I help bring out your passion and stories to dig deep into your experiences with you. Learn more here

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Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Global Marketing Director

Fortune 500 Company, Pennsylvania

“Hey Julie, Just a short note to say thanks for your help with my resume. It was a great help for me in landing a couple of opportunities that led to offers.”

Senior Vice President

Banking, Maryland

“It has been a whirlwind since you completed my resume, a lot of changes to the organization in light of the merger, a busy market, and as well a lot of folks making decisions to leave versus stay.

For me, an offer was made that I will be accepting. I can tell you my resume has been met with rave reviews so I trust you implicitly, have recommended you, and will be a customer for life as I may need to re-engage you.”

Office Manager

New York, NY

I wanted to find someone who will work with me live, so I can explain all my responsibilities and accomplishments to a literate professional, who will then be able to put it into right words and create a “WOW” resume for me.

Next day I woke up and for some reason my gut told me to work with Julie, so I called her, and boy was my gut right. I am so happy with my new resume and cover letter, I have a second breath for job search. We worked live on Skype all the time, I could see exactly what she was doing, and I couldn’t ask for a more personalized experience for my money.

Executive Vice President, Marketing

Boston, MA

I wanted to reach out and let you know I landed my next exciting opportunity! On March 28, I'll be joining ABC Company as their EVP Marketing. The fit couldn't feel more perfect! I'm so excited and can hardly wait to get started. Thanks so much for everything you've done to help make me look good! :) It worked. (again!)

Career Change

Transportation Industry, New York, NY

"My first walk-in transportation company (ABC Freight) and my first job opportunity! I can't thank you enough!"
His goal - the transportation industry. He was ready to leave a successful career selling Manhattan real estate to follow his passion!

Instructional Designer

University, Wisconsin

“I highly recommend Julie as a professional career management consultant. Her ability to assess her clients needs and desires, and then creatively collaborate with them to create an overall digital profile that truly represents “who they are” is amazing.

It was time to give my professional profile some pizzaz, and create a professional online presence, and the first person that I thought of was Julie. After working with Julie as a professional, I can say that the service Julie provides is nothing short of the way to (as her web site states) “find your perfect career marketing strategy”. Give her personal face-to-face strategy a try!”