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How to make age less relevant in your job search

How to make age less relevant in your job search

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Many people really struggle with how age affects the job search. Can I make age less relevant? As a result, age discrimination is often one of the first questions that job seekers 50 or older ask me when wondering “if” they will get another job.

Will they get another job of value?

When people are worried about the next job, they wonder whether they will be found to be valuable in the work force. How do you make age less relevant in the job search?

  1. Prove your value – make sure your resume and LinkedIn resonate with stories that demonstrate your successes.
  2. Defend your credentials – Ensure that you keep relevant credentials current. If you are a PMP (Project Management Professional) showcase it on your resume and make sure to stay current. If you have a CSOX Certification, showcase it! (Sarbanes-Oxley Certification) is particularly relevant in the world of finance today. It is also a critical piece in the world of mergers and acquisitions that need to be defended to the Department of Justice.
  3. Show your knowledge with keywords – Everyone tells you to incorporate keywords into your resume and LinkedIn. The most noteworthy keywords you need are the ones providing value in your field and in your industry. There are certain keywords that seem to be big players in the market today. Rather, consider words like Cross functional team leadership, business intelligence, business process improvement, talent acquisition, relationship management. Using the Job area of LinkedIn and purchasing LinkedIn premium will give you insight into what companies are looking for in your area.

How to find the hidden job market

  1. How to make age less relevant in your job searchExpand your job search beyond point and click – It is so easy to find that applying online is the option but you may be the perfect solution for a company’s need that they aren’t even advertising.
  2. Never more important to network – Don’t rely on recruiters, search firms, and online applications as the only way you can win your next role. Make age less relevant. Spend time finding the decision makers in companies and make friends with the top-level if you are an executive candidate. Don’t take the lazy way out and hope that someone finds you.
  3. Leverage your age and experience – When you get to the interview, first of all show your value and your confidence. Demonstrate your industry knowledge and give real solutions to the company’s problems. The internet is there for your research. Be prepared and knowledgeable and then you make age less relevant.
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