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How to stop fear from driving your future

How to stop fear from driving your future

How to stop fear from driving your futureWe live in times when it is hard to stop fear, worry, and panic. Over the years, many job seekers have told me how scared they are about the future. Today, it seems that when we weather one hard time, crisis, or natural disaster, another takes its place.

Many people (young and old) have chosen escapism to not have to face the challenges of this world. They turn to drugs or alcohol to help them get through the scary moments. Who can blame them? It is scary out there.

Unfortunately, escapism creates new problems and some of those are even harder to escape. It is a vicious circle.

Can you stop fear from driving your future?

You can acknowledge that you are afraid. Facing your fears goes a long way. In today’s world, faith in God is often scoffed at by the same people who put their faith in the things of this world. For me, I wouldn’t survive a day without knowing I have a heavenly Father who listens to me but I believe everyone has to make that decision for themselves. But when I talk about how to stop fear, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I put my faith first.

6 more steps to stop fear from driving your future

  1. Face your finances. As an entrepreneur (and I am the main income in our family, my husband only gets a small social security check), I understand how scary it is when income isn’t certain. I never know what I will earn.
  2. Build a budget. If I can have a budget with no predictable income, you can too. I get very angry when someone tells me they just want to have fun with their money. I have heard that budgets are boring but the act of developing a budget will help you know what is coming and let you plan ahead.
  3. Create an emergency fund. We have become a nation of credit card users. Before they invented the credit card, wise people saved for a rainy day. Most of us don’t plan and save for those rainy days even though we know they are inevitable.
  4. Find a wise financial counselor. If this is a problem area for you, you need expert help from someone you can trust. Those last 5 words are critical. Get financial advice from someone you can trust. Don’t trust family members who may not understand finances to help you. Years later you may find yourself wishing you had found a real financial counselor.
  5. Become CEO of you. Jason Alba  of JibberJobber talked with me about this a long time ago and it has stuck with me since. Don’t think that your company will take care of you for life or even for the next 5 years. Plan ahead.
  6. Prepare your resume and make LinkedIn core to your networking initiatives.

How do I know this works?

A life time of being an entrepreneur and making every mistake in the book has finally helped me acknowledge that I can let fear drive me or I can stop letting fear drive my future. Is it time you do the same?

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Are you working on a degree in Advanced Worrying?

Are you working on a degree in Advanced Worrying?

Are you working on a degree in Advanced Worrying?There’s a Bible passage in Matthew 6 that says:
34“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.”

Advanced Worrying

Unfortunately, many of us worry far in advance about what will happen next. When we do that, we waste energy on the “what ifs” and find it very hard to focus on what we can do to make it better. No matter whether it is relationships, finances, legal, or career, you can’t change anything by advanced worrying.

Strategic Life Planning

What you can do, is do the best with whatever today throws at you. Practice strategic planning in your own life, which is the opposite of advanced worrying. If you are out of a job or think you will soon be, study your options and position yourself to win that new position.

A client called the other day with the dreaded notice that her job of 35 years with the same company was over. However, she saw the writing on the wall and prepared with a new resume and a partner in her job search (me!). I won’t tell you she isn’t scared but we discussed options months ago. She goes into this change with her eyes wide open to new possibilities. The last time I worked with someone with that many years of longevity, he had 34 years with one company.

This success story came 3 months after starting working with me:

Good morning, Julie
Thought I’d drop you a line to tell you that I accepted a job at XYZ Bank as the VP of Consumer Lending.  Your help and support during the initial weeks were so appreciative by me.  Thank you and best wishes for continued success in your career.  I know you will be a significant partner in the lives of many people in the future as you have already been. Thanks Again!

He took a strategic approach to moving forward and recognized his value. Next, he hired a partner for his job search. He revitalized his aging resume by capturing numerous resume stories and bolstering them with quantified accomplishments.

The loss of a job can mean you start months of advanced worrying. Move forward with a strategic plan to explore what fits your talents, connections who can help you in your job search, and actively look at the hidden job market.

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Is emotional clutter messing up your job search?

Emotional Clutter taking overAs the Webmaster for my church’s website, I also share out the posts on the church blog site. Today’s post from our music director, Shelly, is gut-wrenching honest about her struggles with emotional clutter. Though others see Shelly as supremely talented and gifted, Shelly shares why she still struggles with emotional clutter.

Job seekers struggle with emotional clutter too!

Perhaps even more than other times in their lives, job seekers evaluate themselves very closely. Some of this is good because we want to make sure the impressions that we leave are ones that are positive and will reflect well on us as a candidate. But other times, we bog ourselves down with feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, which gets in the way of successful job search.

Shelly just auditioned for the Madison Opera chorus and was offered a contract, yet before she was handed the contract, those same feelings of self-doubt, “am I good enough?” got in the way.

The fear of rejection that we talked about in this post, “How do you deal with job hops on your resume?” is very common with job seekers. Those fears are emotional clutter. They take over, erode your confidence and make you incapable of moving forward.

Like Shelly, I turn to God to help me let go when I feel myself wallowing in the self-doubt zone.This is one of my favorite verses:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

If faith in God is not part of your life, perhaps just infusing those words above into your daily life and remembering that with a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline, you can erode the self-doubt issues and move forward.

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What one resume writer does in her spare time

Writing is a passion with me and so is the whole website, technology, and social media frontier. Whenever possible, I combine my passions together.

New church website

Frequent readers of this blog may also realize that I am a Christian who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and thus I try to use my talents for the church when there is a need that I can fill.

When the need came up for a new website for my church, Wesley United Methodist, I offered to use what I have learned in this journey with my own site and create a fully functioning new site for the church.

As happens sometimes, the project was slow to get off the ground. Our new office manager, Marilyn,  was the likely person for me to collaborate with as well as Pastor Tim, but since Marilyn was busy getting everything working in the office, I didn’t want to burden her with more work so I delayed meeting with the office team until it seemed we were on track.

Selecting the software

When we did meet, I explained that I could create in the same Headway version my own site was created in or I could use the new Headway 3.0 version that launched last November. They opted for the new version. I may have been the only one of the three of us to know what that meant.

I’ve been using Headway, the drag and drop theme builder for WordPress since March 2010 for Design Resumes and several other sites I have worked on but I have not yet upgraded my own site to Headway 3.0+.

Learning curves are always fun and working with a new product on a new site is challenging enough. Moving a site like Design Resumes to a new model is more challenging because there are 500+ posts on this site, not to mention pages. Headway 3.0+ is radically different than the version I use.

Nevertheless, I forged on, learning and tweaking and having a few meltdowns along the way. The three of us met to plan the site using brainstorming and post-its on a white board long before I started the online work. We figured out what pages we needed and what our goals were. I was teaching along the way since this is new ground for both Marilyn and Pastor Tim.

Where’s the content?

We slowly added content but because the method I use here in my business is collaboration, I wasn’t very comfortable writing pages without consulting with someone. But my natural inclination to be introverted got in the way of me being very aggressive in asking for help. I even got as far as getting a copy of the church directory but I still only contacted a few people asking for help with defining what they wanted on a page.

Get it done emergency

The project stalled until one day on a Tuesday, Marilyn called me and told me Pastor Tim wanted to know if I could launch the site by Friday. The old site’s hosting renewal date came up and the notice email wasn’t going to the right people and so the old site was down. Yikes! But I said yes.

I wrote content using the latest newsletter and called a few more congregation members to get details of their program. Push had come to shove and I couldn’t launch a site without content. I asked my technology consultant, Jon Nelson from IntegraTech if he would do the move to the full site, a process that is too technical for me to be fully comfortable. He said yes and we launched Thursday, August 30, one day before the deadline.

Learning as you go

The challenge of this kind of project is that I am learning as I go. I have to think about organization and strategy as much as I do when writing a resume but I know that the audience for a church website is very diverse. I am still training the church members on this content marketing strategy which is so different from the traditional static website of olden days.

Yet, this gives me a new perspective and challenge that I do enjoy. I will be combining all of my skills as I teach a class on blogging up at church for Wonderful Wednesdays. If you are in Wausau, the class is open to everyone, whether you are a church member, church goer, writer who wants to learn how to blog, or a business person hoping to learn content marketing.

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