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And the end has come

For those of you who read this post, What do you do when the unexpected happens? about my Mom’s fall or followed the dialog on Facebook or Google+, Mom died at 7:30pm on July 8 at the age of 84. Today is the visitation and tomorrow the funeral or as I called it, the celebration… Continue Reading

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What makes a job search weak?

Job seekers often blame other issues when their job search doesn’t seem to be getting them results. Business owners do the same. But most of the time, you can succeed despite the economic conditions, despite challenges that get in your way, and despite personal or family problems as you strive to change your outcome. Clients… Continue Reading

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Forging Ahead & Merry Christmas!

I’ve been in a very reflective mood lately. As I have said in other posts, 2010 has been an amazing year for me. It has been filled with so many things, it is hard to focus sometimes. Job seeker success stories Lately, I have been hearing the same things from my clients, both the very… Continue Reading

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5 Reasons to Check Your Attitude

  At our monthly Christian Business Leaders meeting, the conversation turned to the economy, the growing unemployment rate, and how business owner’s evaluate both their present employees as well as who they hire when they do have openings. No room to work with someone with a bad attitude Everyone in the room nodded in agreement… Continue Reading

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Why your resume is the foundation of your job search

Every once in awhile, people start wondering if they need a resume anymore. As an advocate of strategic job search, I certainly suggest that you use other strategies more effective than just blasting out resumes but you still need the resume as the foundation of your job search. The process of resume writing The process…

When do I need a second version of my resume?

Frequently I run into clients who have more than one direction for their resume. I am not talking about the person who has no target. This person is very different from the person who is throwing out resumes to every potential position out there. Who needs multiple versions of their resume? The individuals who are…

Why you won’t get hired if you write an unreadable resume

I couldn’t help think resumes when I recently had to get new prescriptions. The antibiotics came with pages of information from the pharmacy but I could not find the information I wanted. Messed up formatting The format was a glob of text with periodic caps, no bullets, no section headings, and no white space. Not…

What’s the shelf-life of your resume?