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5 Pitfalls to Being a Rescuer

I’m a rescuer. I want to jump in there and make everything right for everyone around me. I hate conflict and prefer sunshine. When there is conflict, I want to make it better. It’s not necessarily a bad quality totally, there are times when it is exactly what needs to be done. Here’s the pitfallsContinue Reading

When Life Gets Hard, Dig Deep

Our family had a year of “things”. You might call them problems or challenges but whatever they are, it has been a year of them! The last week or two have had one “thing” after another. Each seeming to hit with a hard blow. The latest last night left my son without the car thatContinue Reading

What’s Holding YOU Back – Is It Worry?

    #2 in the What’s Holding You Back series — designed to help you think about why you are not moving forward in your job search, career, or life. Yesterday we talked about how  alcohol can hold you back. Today, let’s talk about Worry. Like alcohol, worry is insidious (meaning – having a gradualContinue Reading

Are you sitting on the sidelines?

In yesterday’s post, Use It for Good – the Haiti Connection, I explained how Haiti’s earthquake became personal when I read a post from Jaclyn at church asking for prayer. Suddenly I understood that the international students who were and are part of my worship came from Haiti. When I talked to Jaclyn, I toldContinue Reading

Use it for Good – the Haiti Connection

Some days, I’m just a little slow. I saw the information on TV about the Haiti earthquake and it impacted me in much the way so many of the things happening in the media do. I absorbed it and it passed me by. Then I saw a Facebook note by Coy Sawyer at 89Q andContinue Reading

Break All The Records!

I married into a Packer family! The family has season tickets and even if no one goes to the game, schedules are planned around when the Packers play. Enthusiasm has no Age Limit! At 87, my father-in-law is still an enthusiastic fan and my husband wears his earphones half on and the TV set onContinue Reading

Business Advice from Fiction and Mom

My mom has always loved to read. She’s 82 now and is still buying books and reading every day. When my sons were younger, they used to laugh because it would be 90 degrees outside and they would say, “There’s Gramma, still in the hot house, sitting in the hot kitchen, drinking hot tea, andContinue Reading

Why I Say Merry Christmas Not Happy Holidays!

In my life, my world, and from me, you will always hear Merry Christmas. This is just who I am and I don’t expect everyone to be just like me but for me and others who find that Merry Christmas has meaning, I will always use those words. Here, from my friend, Michael Schroeder, isContinue Reading

Postcards from the Road (a reminder)

Postcards on the road Sometimes we are blessed to have someone come into our lives who changes it and then we can’t find enough ways to say thank you. Today I want to introduce you to one of those people in my life. Note: This post was sent out last year about this time. TheContinue Reading

89Q Positive Hits make my day

If you have visited my blog before, you will know that I am a people person. I love helping others, I love positive words, I love making a difference whenever I can. Social media has let me do more of that from the comfort of my home office. Right now it is the Thanksgiving SharathonContinue Reading