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How to be courageous enough to leave if the interview feels wrong

The interview

Your resume is working. You are getting interviews. Some of them are jobs you really want. Others you just get the feeling from the beginning that this is going to be a bad fit.

How to know if the interview is going wrong

  1. When you go to an interview, you need to dress the part, which can mean a suit and tie for men or a suit or business-like outfit or dress for women. The dress code for work with many companies has gone much more casual these days but if the team interviewing you looks disheveled, unclean, or totally inappropriately dressed, this may be the first sign that you may be in a bad fit.
  2. If the interview continues with questions that indicate that they never even read your resume, you can respond by saying that you have detailed that in your resume but you would be happy to expand on it further if the interviewer can tell you what details they would like to know. Many people are not well-trained in the art of interviewing so taking offense too easy may cost you the job. Expand on questions that seem to be missing the mark.
  3. If the questions start taking on a personal tone and you know the questions are inappropriate for a job interview, you can redirect to talking about your skills and see if the interviewer catches on. Illegal questions include:
    • Are you married?
    • What country are you from?
    • Have you been arrested?
    • What religious holidays do you practice?
    • Do you have children?
    • Is English your first language?
  4. If the interviewer doesn’t seem to be giving you his full attention. If the interviewer is taking other calls, checking Facebook, or working on other projects while he is interviewing you, you might start wondering if he is totally invested in making sure you are the best-qualified candidate.

Should you ever leave before the interview is ended?

This is a bold move but if you have assessed the situation and your gut is telling you it is a bad fit. [Tweet “If you know this will not work for you, don’t waste their time, it is ok to end the interview. “]You have to be absolutely sure before you do this, but if you know it won’t work, it is OK to end the interview. The interview is as much about whether the job (and the company) fits you as it is whether you fit the job. Keep it upbeat and positive and leave without insulting the interviewer.

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