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How to transform your resume to win a leadership role

How to transform your resume to win a leadership role

targeting resumeA top question from job seekers is how do I transform my resume to land the role I want? When your target is leadership, management, or an executive role, the job of your resume is even harder than it is for entry-level or middle management roles.

What do I do to transform my resume?

It really depends on what we are starting with before I can begin to answer the question. I start from scratch with every client I work with because I want to be sure that we set the format based on the client’s desires and target.

While I use existing resumes for content and to help understand the client’s career, I always start with a blank document and write the content we decide that we need.

Ask yourself if your resume stands out

To transform your resume for a leadership role, you need to make sure it will stand out and not just blend in with the pile of resumes submitted. How?

  1. Is the resume formatting attractive and compelling? Each client and I work together to take their ideas for color and formatting and bring it to life. The right color scheme for one person may not fit their personality or their job target. My consultative process lets us fine-tune the resume to resonate with the client’s personality.
  2. Do the keywords fit the career path and level for the job seeker? You can’t use entry-level terminology on an executive’s resume. You have to speak the language.
  3. Does the resume capture key accomplishments that fit leadership? Once again you are looking to fit the qualifications of the role, you can’t just put duties in your resume, they have to take you to the next level. Resume writers don’t think about duties but rather focus on how the job responsibilities can be reworked to showcase the value you bring to the next role. You have to quantify and qualify to stand out.

Continue to transform your resume

These are the first steps to transform your resume from a mundane, status-quo resume to one that speaks to your success stories. Demonstrate the key value you bring as a leader. Are you a critical thinker who tends to listen carefully to alternatives before making a judgment? Demonstrate how you use thoughtful deliberation to consider the full scope of outcomes. Perhaps you have the ability to persuade others with warmth, sincerity, and understanding. The impact you make with your people skills can help bring new business or attract better talent. Tell those stories in your resume.

Are you a generous teacher, mentor, or coach when working on complex problems or projects? Demonstrate in the resume how you take the project or challenge to new levels through your perseverance.

There are myriads of ways to capture your unique brand of leadership but it takes time to unearth the best stories.

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