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I need a resume update, now what?

You had your resume professionally done. You may determine you need an update. Many people work with me multiple times throughout their career. I help them get a new role and then a few years later, they need an update. If the time span is just one or two years, updates make sense. New content to add and other changes may fit the definition of an update. When you start getting beyond one or two years, you face other issues.

What if you wrote my resume?

Resume styles and strategies are a continually changing process. If I wrote a resume four or five years ago, the design is stale, the strategies are outdated, and your content has also changed. This puts this client in the position of potentially needing to invest in a new resume. I assess every situation individually and determine what we need to do to reach your goals.

What if another professional resume writer wrote my resume?

My first recommendation is to go back to the original writer to see what their policy is about updates. If I work with a client with a professional resume from another writer, it will be treated as a new project and charged as a new resume. Going back to your original writer will allow you to see what their update policies are and possibly fit into a different pricing bracket.

How often should I update my resume?

Yesterday I talked about spring cleaning. I think you should treat your resume as an active document in your career arsenal and continuously evaluate it so that you are not caught without the right date in the event that an opportunity arises for a new role.

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