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How to boost job search success with a compelling resume

How to boost job search success with a compelling resume

How to boost job search success with a compelling resumeHow do you create a compelling resume? Most resumes are mediocre at best. Most people learn to write resumes in high school or college with old rules. Job search has changed exponentially and using old rules with leave you with a lackadaisical resume that does little to sell you.

Create a compelling resume to illustrate your value

I maintain that despite the changing face of job search, your resume remains the foundation of the job search. The key is not the resume itself but the resume development. If you are creating a compelling resume, you are uncovering the evidence, the achievements and key resume stories that illustrate the job seeker’s value.

As a professional resume writer, I work hard to dig out the relevant information that positions the client for greater success in his or her field. The resume stories craft the job seekers’ message and help the job seeker gain confidence and clarity about the value they bring to the workforce.

What questions do you ask to write a compelling resume?

  • How did you get the position? Ask yourself were you recruited? Who recruited you? If you were recruited by the President to drive business development for the new market initiative, say it on the resume.

 “Recruited to lead the healthcare vertical market to achieve $16.2 million in annual gross profits for a business interiors solutions provider with $140 million in annual revenue, set the “go-to-market” strategy, and collaborate with six member sales team to set and reach revenue goals.”

  • Were you promoted? How did it happen? Were you selected for the position over others?

“Orchestrated award-winning $40 million product launch, a total plant retrofit project and total product platform redesign, which reduced the overall product footprint by 15%.”

  • Did you save the company money? How? How much?

“Customized SKU tracking software, reducing costs by approximately $120,000.”

“GAP – Conducted gap analysis to migrate six divisions of XYZ Corporation to a single business process and platform for HR Timekeeping and Payroll.

SOLUTIONS – Centralized payroll to a single geographic location, payroll, and timekeeping platform.

RESULTS & BENEFITS – Standardization of processes across US and Guatemala | Third party costs eliminated”

The foundation you build while writing the resume sets the stage for your LinkedIn content, way you network with others, and the answers to interview questions. Without building the stories, you lack the information to be successful in the rest of your job search.

For me, it is a discovery process, an unearthing of those things that initially seem unimportant to the job seeker but as we delve deeper, suddenly the aha moment happens and I can hear the difference in the person’s voice and self-perception.

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