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4 networking secrets to help expand your network

4 networking secrets to help expand your network

4 networking secrets to help expand your networkEveryone is looking to discover new networking secrets. People who network all the time look for new secrets and people who never network wish they knew secrets.

What are these networking secrets?

  1. Don’t be afraid of a NO! Too many people are afraid to ask someone for help because they are afraid of the No but what if you get a Yes? If you are in sales, you are taught that you need so many Nos to get to a Yes. It is the same in networking. You need the nos to get to a Yes!
  2. Give other people a chance to help you. Despite the way media makes the world look, it is my experience that there are many more helpful people out there. Bless them with a chance to help you. You might me very surprised.
  3. Dig deeper. Most people network on the surface. Look for hidden gold. Connections of connections may be very beneficial to your career and may be connections that last a lifetime.
  4. Networking is lifetime project. You are never too young to start or too old to quit. The best networkers are people who are still connected to childhood friends when they are 80 but are willing to connect with the new neighbor they just met.

Two Bonus Networking Secrets

  1. Networking is never just about getting. The people who understand networking the best know that you have to be willing to give to harvest later.
  2. Networking is best done one-on-one. When I originally talk about networking with job seekers, they often are visualizing networking groups. When those can have value, the best kind of networking is when you take connections into a one-on-one relationship. This allows you to get to know one another best in person.

Networking is key to successful job search but it is also key to successful sales and business growth. If you are avoiding networking, it is time to start.

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