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How to maximize the views you get on LinkedIn

How to maximize the views you get on LinkedIn

One of the concerns that LinkedIn users often have is how many views they are getting on LinkedIn. There are multiple ways that you can increase the visits to your profile. Some of those ways have to do with your content and others have to do with your settings.

Optimize your content on LinkedIn to get more views

  • Optimizing LinkedIn to feature the key words that fit you is one part of the equation. Many people have little or no content in their profile and therefore don’t draw visitors to them.
    • Determine which key words fit the job descriptions you are attracted to and add those into your profile by writing stronger content that incorporates those words. If you are looking for a business development role, make sure you have incorporated the words business development in your summary, in your professional experience and in the skills and expertise section.
    • Quantify and qualify your summary with information that fits your target and continue to use those key words. You are targeting your LinkedIn profile to be scanned by automated software with algorithms that are specific to a search by hiring managers and recruiters but you are also setting up your profile to be read by human eyes when you apply for positions or are about to be interviewed.

Optimize your settings on LinkedIn to get more views

  • Check your settings on LinkedIn. You may have set yourself up for failure by not having your settings correct.
    • If you are a free account – your settings for “what others see when you’ve viewed their profile,” will look like this:
  • You need to keep your setting to the top heading with your name and headline on a free account because otherwise you won’t have access to profile stats to know if you are getting views. Anonymous profiles on free LinkedIn accounts have the profile stats erased.

What happens if you have a premium LinkedIn account?

If you have one of the premium account types, you don’t have to worry about the stats being erased. See below. Right now I have a premium account, which allows you to switch between settings and not affect your stats.

LinkedIn settings for views

Should I switch to Premium LinkedIn?

Only you can tell if you find enough value in premium LinkedIn. Besides this setting differential, one of the biggest differences is that instead of seeing the 5 people who viewed your profile as in the free account, you now will see everyone. You also have much more feedback in the form of analytics to be able to tell what happens when you take specific actions, like joining groups, changing key words, and adding connections. You may still not know what specifically triggers an upsurge in profile views.

 Check your public profile settings

LinkedIn settings Public profileIf you have opted to set your public profile as visible to no one, NO ONE will visit your profile from the outside. This means that recruiters will have no access to your profile from a generic search for key words. Your connections will be able to see your profile but no one who is not connected to you will be able to see you.

You need to use the setting that reads: “Make my public profile visible to everyone.” This will make sure that people who are not connected to you can see you.

The Name Settings

This is a very old setting that most people never even see but it seems to possibly have an impact on your visibility.

Name settings for LinkedIn

Note how the setting has the option for Julie W instead of my name. It is hard to search for your name if you are deliberately blocking your name.

In general, if you are trying to be found on LinkedIn, you have to enable the settings to help you be found.

One of the services I offer in my packages is personalized coaching and review of profiles to help my clients better understand LinkedIn and how to optimize their settings to get better views.

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