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Why you should never treat LinkedIn as a dating site

Why you should never treat LinkedIn as a dating site

With prevalence of online dating sites, I suppose it is only logical that someone who has not yet grasped that LinkedIn is a professional network would think that the name LinkedIn sounds like a dating site. Linked — you know?

But no! There are plenty of choices for those people looking for love but LinkedIn is not that kind of site. Unfortunately, poorly educated people seem to think that all the social media platforms are open for prowling. Instead of creating an account with eharmony or or, they scour Facebook, Skype, and yes, apparently even LinkedIn for prospects.

LinkedIn is a Professional Networking site

Now just to set the record straight, I have been happily married to my husband for the past 34 years. I do have a more liberal LinkedIn connecting process because many clients find me through LinkedIn and connect to see if they want to work with me. But just last week when I connected with an engineer who looked like he might be seeking a professional resume writer and then sent him a very specific message that I help job seekers to reach their career goals, I got a message back that told me the connection was “looking for love.” I removed his connection very quickly.

I know I am not the only one who has gotten that kind of message on LinkedIn. I have heard from other people in my field that they have received similar messages.

The lesson? Use LinkedIn for networking.

You can look for prospects for your business, new clients or customers, you can look for the right employee for your business, you can look for a job or be found by recruiters.

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