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Are you saying can’t when you really mean won’t?

Are you saying can’t when you really mean won’t?

Are you saying can't when you really mean won't?

Saying can’t is a common response when we are afraid. One of the biggest obstacles that job seekers have to overcome is the fear of venturing out of their comfort zone. We all have different fears and different comfort zones.

When are people saying can’t?

For many people, they are uncomfortable reaching out to network, especially in a job search, so they play it safe. Playing it safe in job search is often doing the bare minimal to apply for jobs. The point-n-click method feels safe so job seekers just keep applying to jobs.

Unfortunately with the point-n-click method, you don’t even know if the job is real.

  • Is it just a feeler job posting to collect interest or build a database so that if there is an opening in the future, they have a set of people who fit the description?
  • Are they looking to replace someone, but only if they find a better and more qualified candidate?
  • Did they forget to take the ad down or update the website?

If the job is real, with the global access to job postings and the fact that many people who understand technology well enough, apply for any and all positions that even come close to their qualifications. You may be competing with 1000s in the database.

Are you saying can’t to networking?

This safe form of job search (point-n-click) may seem easier but it really is harder. It will take longer to find the right role and you may be passed over because your resume or application content doesn’t correlate with their needs.

Even when you do apply online, you need to discover if you have a way to get in the back door of the company. You would be surprised how connections and inside help make a difference.

You don’t want to sound desperate but at the same time you don’t want to ignore the opportunity to be more successful by networking with people who are better connected with the job than you are from the outside.

This is why I recommend that my clients make sure that they have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile and develop networking strategies to leverage LinkedIn and your connections to advance more rapidly in job search.

Face it, job search is work but if you stop saying can’t, it opens the door to success and a better job.

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