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Boost productivity & wellness with these 6 free apps

Boost productivity & wellness with these 6 free apps

Boost productivity & wellness with these 6 free apps

As an entrepreneur, I face the same struggles as my clients, job seekers, other entrepreneurs, and professionals. I seem to run out of time or energy before I run out of things I should be doing. For me, I think there is a combination of things I need to boost productivity and stay healthy at the same time.

Staying Organized

1. Todoist  — I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for more ways to track what I am doing, create reminders, and complete projects. I have always used lists and still love my DayTimer with the colored pens but after giving Todoist a month’s try, I can truly recommend it. I can create as many projects as I want (the tasks are listed and tied to the projects), schedule tasks for specific days, set up recurring tasks,  color code projects, and prioritize the tasks. I did buy the premium version, but it allowed me to integrate it with multiple devices: my phone, my tablet, and my PC, it is also MAC friendly though I haven’t tried it. It can integrate with Gmail, but that feature seems to have some issues. However, just by sending an email over to Todoist, I can create a reminder.

2. Gmail — I love the cross-integration of Gmail with my phone and tablet as well as the calendar integration. I am still trying to learn to manage my email, it comes in faster than I can handle but Gmail does let me label emails and move them to specific folders.

3. Grammarly — I am much more productive when my writing is accurate. I am just testing Grammarly but it is editing this blog post and I like it better than the built-in WordPress spell-check. It integrates with Chrome and allows me edit anything I am writing online. I have not yet bought premium for Grammarly, but they have a premium version. As a professional writer, it is nice to have all the grammar and spell-check support I can find.

4. JibberJobber — Jason Alba created this app during his own job search. It is the job seekers Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). I will confess that I still underuse JJ, but I love the videos that Jason puts in place to help you understand how the features work. This is an area I will be working on more and the ability to track when you are supposed to follow up is something I really need to work on. Jibberjobber was originally designed to help people organize and track their job search—but has since evolved into a “personal relationship manager” that allows you to manage your job search and optimize your network relationships for the duration of your career. The site was designed by Jason Alba during his first real job search in early 2006. Membership to the website is free, but users can pay to upgrade their account to Silver ($60/year) or Premium ($99/year) status—which offers additional features.

Staying Healthy

5. Noom Walk — With all of the information about sitting too much being unhealthy for you, I have been looking for ways to keep moving. Winter in Wisconsin makes walking outside treacherous and so when I found Noom Walk for my phone, which works as well as other step counters and keeps a record of my progress, I was happy.  It works in the background and though it isn’t perfect, it counts better than other apps I have tried. My husband doesn’t have the same passion for technology but we did buy a smart phone for him and this app helped him learn better how to use his phone since we have competitions. This app is free.

6. My Fitness Pal — I’ve used this one for a few years and it is also cross platform. My Fitness Pal has a really good database so that most of the things I eat can be counted. I am not consistent, but it does remind me to make healthier choices and keep exercising.

Perhaps you are wondering what this has to do with job search but I find that as I work with job seekers, they struggle with the same things I do. They need to stay organized and track their progress, but not just in their job search, but also in their daily life. Too often, the challenge of too much going on makes the job seeker get bogged down. When you don’t get enough exercise or eat the wrong foods, it affects everything. No matter what your role is – job seeker, entrepreneur, or working professional, you need to boost productivity and stay healthy. So there you have it, my top 6 apps to help you! Note: In case you are wondering, none of these are affiliate links… I just like the apps!

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