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When you want no frills in your job search

No Frills

I’m a huge advocate of using the right tools in your job search and structured my resume packages to offer the job seeker access to the best career marketing tools, such as LinkedIn, Interview Coaching, DISC assessments, Networking Coaching, Executive Bios, and more. But I recognize that more isn’t what everyone wants.

Designed for the No Frills Job Seeker

After thinking about how I could best help the people who only want a resume and cover letter, I launched a new set of options that I am calling the No Frills Professional Resume and Cover Letter. Designed to meet the various needs of job seekers as they progress through their career, these new offerings include only the resume and the cover letter.

If you are the No Frills kind of person, these new options focus only on creating the best resume and cover letter for your current career situation and salary target. All of the options are on this easy to read page: Your No Frills Options – Professional Resume and Cover Letter. You will find the details on the following resume options:

  • Beginner Job Seeker Resume & Cover Letter
  • Enterprising Professional Resume & Cover Letter
  • Soaring Executive Resume & Cover Letter
  • Exceptional Executive Resume & Cover Letter

These new resume and cover letter options still benefit from my interactive and personalized style of resume writing. Meeting one-on-one with me, we will develop your resume to fit your specific needs and career direction. Whether you are a new graduate or an exceptional executive, I will work with you to craft a robust and branded resume combined with a targeted cover letter to help you reach your career goals.

Are you the “No Frills Job Seeker?” Contact me at 715-574-5263 to learn more and get your resume project started.

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Distinguish yourself from the competition!

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