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How to execute a resume transformation to stand out

How to execute a resume transformation to stand out

How to execute a resume transformation to stand outResume transformation? Many people who want my help are looking for a way to stand out and for many that also means a transformation of their existing resume.

What is a resume transformation?

There is much confusion from the diverse information on the web about the way to write a resume combined with the concept that all resumes need to pass the applicant tracking systems (ATS). Much of the time people are working so hard to standardize their resume that they fail to stand out from the other applicants.

SOLUTION: Create a presentation resume and use the text version of your resume (see instructions) as back up to upload when the ATS don’t load properly.

Participate in professional resume writing with me as your guide

One of my clients insisted that I should stop labeling myself as a resume writer. She said, “I’ve hired resume writers before, you are so different from any of them.” I am a resume writer but I am just as much a resume coach. When I work with people, I am writing live. It is almost like being in resume class because I coach and teach all the while I am writing.

Not only do most people need a resume transformation to create a resume to catch the eye of hiring managers, they need coaching to help them get the resume in the hands of the right people.

The question is how to captivate the attention of the hiring manager

  • Don’t be afraid of color!  I believe in color — the client always chooses the color with my guidance
  • Create an attractive design and layout! — We live in a technology driven world. No boring layouts that look like Microsoft templates.
  • Write content to showcase your value! — No duty-driven resumes. A resume should never read like a job description.
  • Incorporate keywords throughout your resume! — The keywords need to fit your field and occupation. What do hiring managers want to know?

Every résumé I write is different. I don’t follow a template or mold. I recognize that the people I work with are unique and different and this is what we strive to share in the resume. Then I teach them how to look harder to find decision makers.

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