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When is it time to rejuvenate your resume?

Enriching your resume with new value Regular readers know I am passionate about growing things. We’ve been in our house for more than 20 years now and built the garden in our first year here in 1992. Though we have added topsoil now and then, we really haven’t brought in large loads for a long time. Dirt gets tired and worn out from years of use. We have grown many vegetables in our garden but in the last few years, it just hasn’t seemed like it was producing. This year, I checked around for sources for quality top soil and asked on Facebook. Several people recommended Hsu’s Growing Supply. I knew Hsu as a Ginseng producer but didn’t realize they have other products, including a Garden Blend soil. I knew I would have to invest a bit if I ordered 6 yards and had it delivered but I figured it was worth the investment if our garden started producing better vegetables. Hsu’s delivered the soil on Tuesday and we delivered many wheelbarrow loads down to the garden. Our yard slopes and the garden is on one side of the backyard and the drop off point for the pile is on the other side of the yard by the street. It will take some work to get it moved down but it will be worth it.

What does getting new dirt have to do with resumes?

Just as my dirt was tired and not producing anymore, your resume gets tired looking and fails to produce interviews even if it had been professionally written some time ago. Resume strategies continue to change and to keep up with the new strategies, you need to rewrite, reformat, and update your resume often. Your resume is a marketing document and the product is You! By injecting new content, formatting, and strategies into your resume, you revitalize your resume and boost its appeal to the prospective hiring manager.

What could you be missing in your resume?

If your job search is not successful, you may need to rethink your resume strategy and add some new content. I’m looking forward to what my garden grows this year with the new dirt. Just think what your resume could grow with the right content, formatting, and strategies!

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How do you write a resume?

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When do I need a second version of my resume?

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