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4 questions to ask yourself when writing your resume

4 questions to ask yourself when writing your resume

Success or FailureWhen I bought my new cell phone the other day, I mentioned that I am a professional resume writer and the young man who was setting up our accounts said, “I suppose resumes are changing.” He went on to say that when he was in high school, they told him one way to write a resume and in college, they told him another way. He wondered how much it had changed.

There was no way I could answer him without spending a long time trying to teach him how different a resume I write is from anything taught in high school or in college. Most colleges barely touch on the resume and when they use it as an assignment, it is something that most students just do enough to get a grade. The models that most colleges use are 20 years old or stuck in the one-page resume hole.

Really? Make your resume look like everyone else in the class?

I had one client who told me her instructor told the entire class to follow the same formatting because that is what her grading is based on and so they are all supposed to look-alike. It was easier for her to grade.


I work very hard to make sure that no two of the resumes I write for my clients look or read like the resume of someone else. Differentiating the talents and skill sets of my clients is the major part of my job. Though formatting is only one piece of the pie, creating a design that catches the key while telling the client’s story is part of the job.

Create your resume the way a professional resume writer interviews a client

When you write a resume the way a professional resume writer writes a resume, you are looking for the stories. What stories you ask? Here are a few questions to get you started:

How did I make a difference at the company?

  • Did I save money?
  • Did I initial a new process?
  • Did I launch a new product?
  • Did I create a new project?

Were you selected as the team leader over your colleagues or team members to head a project? Why were you chosen? What did you do? How did it turn out? (challenge, action, result)

Did you increase sales or market share? How did you do that? And how can we measure or quantify your success?

How do you motivate and energize your department? Have you implemented any new training programs? What is the result of the implementation?

Need help? While job search is often painful, as a Certified Master Resume Writer, I take the pain out of writing your resume and even make it fun with a personalized, interactive process. Know someone who needs me? Gift certificates are available. Explore my resume packages here.

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