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Facebook posts: One simple tip to increase response

Facebook: who reads this?

I coach clients and classes to use Facebook for their job search and to get used to using it as a networking tool. While often I teach people to be careful about venting on Facebook or whining on Facebook but there are wonderful ways you can build community that are totally positive. However, today I would like to talk about the issues you may face when you are trying to communicate more broadly.

Pay attention to audience settings on Facebook

I can’t tell you how many times I share a Facebook post from someone who is announcing an event or sharing information that is supposed to go to a wide audience and I get the notice that tells me it was shared with limitations. While privacy is increasingly important, if you want people to share your information and potentially promote your product, your event, your services, or your message, you need to take look at the drop-down above and select the choice that gets the widest audience for that post.

You don’t have to use the same Facebook settings for everything you post but you should consciously think about what setting you are using when you are trying to get a message across to a broader audience. If you limit the audience, you limit those people you share with. Conversely, when your message is meant for only a few people, you should target that audience too.

Let’s list a few broad audience applications for a Facebook post:

  • You are promoting an event – a concert, play, fundraiser – you need to set your Facebook audience to Public.
  • You are sharing something that inspired you and you want it to represent your brand – Public.
  • You are sharing content to brand you as a subject matter expert on Facebook. – Public.
  • You are promoting your new book – Public.
  • You wrote a blog post – Public.
  • You are promoting your services – Public.
  • Your new dog – this one depends… I find that there seem to be more dog lovers in the world than not – Public?
  • Crowdsourcing – You need a new __________________ and you ask on Facebook – Public. (I have a vacuum cleaner recommended in 2010 or so on Facebook and I still like it!)

As far as other posts, you can be the judge. I am known for using all of my platforms for building relationships and so when I post, I share broadly and keep my setting on Public. But on the other hand, I try very hard to think before I post.

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