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Could your Facebook posts cost you a job?

Facebook Overdose by mkhmarketingI still find Facebook to be a useful tool for many reasons but there is good reason to watch what you say and post on Facebook. You may think you are safe because of privacy settings but all indicators say that anyone who really wants to can see what you post.

How could your Facebook posts cost you a job?

Perhaps you have read the stories of people who were fired for a Facebook post or a tweet that went wrong but what about before that? If you are in a job search, are you watching what you say and post?

  • The inappropriate photo – Any time you post a pic or are tagged in someone else’s photo, analyze how an interviewer would look at the photo.
  • Using derogatory language about anything. Your professionalism is now in question. If your language is in sign language, even worse. One high level company executive had his profile picture as one with the well-known middle finger salute. He was in his 40′s or 50′s. No one should write or signal things that they wouldn’t say in a job interview.
  • Ranting about politics or religion. No matter which side you are on, if you use Facebook as your platform, someone will be offended. You don’t have to hide everything about politics or religion, just don’t be aggressively promoting something that could get in the way of your job search or your current job.

What else looks bad to an employer on Facebook?

  • Excessive game playing. If you are trying to convey that you will bring value to an organization, don’t let your stream be polluted with the high scores of the day or invites to join you on Angry Birds or whatever the latest game is today.
  • Too many posts in a short time. If you are constantly posting, again, the employer may be wondering what you would do at work.

In general, think about what you post and make it sure it is something you would want a prospective employer to see. If not, don’t post.

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