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Job Search Resources

Job Search Resources

How to halt the cycle of no in your job searchThough I haven’t met all of the people on this list in person, I do have a relationship with everyone mentioned here and can confidently recommend reading their blogs.

Job Search Resources, Resume Writing, and Career Marketing

Lisa Rangel: Lisa works exclusively with C-Level executives, I discovered she had built incredible trust with job seekers by sharing her wisdom, deep knowledge, and job search resources in her blog posts. She shows her spirit in her writings

Barb Poole: Barb is a colleague and a good friend from the career marketing world. Her Hire Imaging blog resonates with sound advice from an experienced career coach. Her personality shines through her writing as she shares experiences with clients and how they reached their goals.

Dawn Bugni: Like Barb, Dawn is a colleague and friend. Dawn is a resume writer with extensive experience as a recruiter. Best known for her pointed, often humorous posts on the Write Solution, Dawn’s writing is a no nonsense approach to successful job search secrets and strategies.

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter: Jacqui is an expert executive resume writer whose Twitter name: ValueIntoWords epitomizes her style. She brings life to her words and the blog is co-authored with her husband, Rob Poindexter, who brings a fascinating narrative style to his posts. Passionate about sailing, Jacqui and Rob relocated from Kansas to Texas to sail year round.

Jason Alba: Jason has three blogs but the JibberJobber blog is the one that rings true with job seekers. As a former job seeker who transformed his job search into a career helping job seekers worldwide. Jason and I finally met in New Orleans in 2010 after being friends for about 4 years via the career industry groups. His JibberJobber career management tool and his video training play a critical role in the full services Design Resumes offers to job seekers.

Melissa Cooley: Melissa found my blog in 2009 and met me on Twitter. She has been to Wausau to discuss career marketing many times, coming to share ideas and allow us to get to know each other from a different angle than social media. Her blog is filled with perceptive posts on job search and she helps lead job seekers through the maze of information.

Marketing Strategies

Jim Connolly: Early in my blog reading days, I found Jim’s Marketing Blog. I read, absorbed, and learned until one day I downloaded Jim’s Motivational Master Class and was even more sold on the value he offered. In December 2009, I sent him an e-mail to ask if I could be one of his clients.

This began what has been an amazing journey. Jim’s marketing advice created opportunities for me far beyond what had been the norm for Design Resumes. Patient and funny, Jim has taught me real ways of using marketing that work better than anything I could learned in college.

Jim launched another exciting space, called the Creative Thinking Hub. This site is all about helping you to improve and embrace the creativity you innately possess. The tools, tips, ideas, inspiration and insights you need to think more creatively. A resource to find creative answers, develop new products or services, write more creatively, become a creative problem solver and use your creativity to benefit from the opportunities all around you.

Business Consulting

Gavin Ryan became a friend through Twitter and his blog, Customer Checkpoint is filled with wise, practical advice for business owners and his new focus – Customer Experience. He’s taught me how to look at my business from the total customer experience and I have some very specific steps to both track and improve the customer experience for my clients.

Gavin consulted globally on diverse projects ranging from small businesses to major corporates to government entities. In the past, he was the Head Professional at the London Golf Club and Assistant to the Director of Golf at Westchester Country Club in New York. His blog is a hit with golfers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

Christian, Music, Recreation,and Talents

Andrew Plath: My brother has been passionate about photography forever. He is starting to blog about that passion and hopes to build a business using Photoshelter to help market his photos. I admire his courage for taking his passion and sharing it with the world.

Heide’s Pet Care: When my dog trainer was looking for a way to gain more visibility, I suggested we rebuild her website into a more visible one using Headway. Her posts are ones that every dog owner should read as she speaks with experience on topics of dog training, dog nutrition, and pet care.

Michael Schroeder: Not a blog, though there is a link to one on the site, Mike writes and performs contemporary Christian music throughout the world and you can hear his music if you follow the link. We met on the banks of the Wausau Whitewater course and grew a friendship that spans many passions and many years.  His truthful lyrics are Bible-based and Mike has lived his music and touched many lives.

Wausau Whitewater: Again, not a blog but there is a link to one on the site. Wausau Whitewater was part of my life for 12 years when I was the Operations Manager. There will always be a special spot in my heart for the river and the course that brought me new friends and taught me much about goals and competitive drive.


Kim Woodbridge: Kim is the glue that helped make this blog work. She is a WordPress and FaceBook expert who shares her expertise on her blog which led me to hire her years ago to help me and rehire her multiple times.


Bridget Haymond: Bridget and I found each other on Twitter. Mutual Interests mostly. She asked back in 2009 if she could interview me for her blog. I said yes and we built a stronger friendship that moved to phone and Skype. Bridget is a Christian Life Coach. As a Certified Leadership Coach and Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Bridget coaches those who desire a more satisfying and purposeful life.  By combining her biblical and theological training with her life coach training, Bridget motivates, collaborates and inspires her clients toward intentional living for a more meaningful life.

Jane Woods: Jane is a Women’s Personal Development Specialist based in the UK. I met her through Jim Connolly and actually contacted her to get her recommendation on working with Jim. Listed on his website as one of his references, I just wanted a second opinion. From there, we grew a friendship with shared interests. Jane works alongside women to help them achieve maximum success in their lives. Her blog is motivating and inspirational!

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Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Administrative Assistant

Healthcare, Wisconsin

The pay they offered was on the high end of the range I wanted, and the only thing I had to negotiate was an extra week of vacation. Their benefits are beyond phenomenal--so finally our healthcare costs are going to go down hugely and yet it's the same insurance company we're on now with my husband that we like.

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for redoing my resume and LI profile, and of course all the pep talks! You went above and beyond!!

Continous Improvement


For the next two years, I will be leading a high level project to improve three plants in the USA. Thereafter, I will be the Global Director of Continuous Improvement. The company is international with revenue of $9B annually, and publicly traded on the NYSE.

Coding Analyst II


"Hi Julie-well you did it again. 1 interview, waited 6 hours and an offer for my asking price. THANK YOU."

High School Teacher


I just wanted to let you know I accepted a position at XYZ School District. I know I already thanked you once, but I want to do it once again. Thank you! Helping me redesign my resume and cover letter allowed me to get the looks that I needed to get interviewed. I will recommend you to anyone on the job search!

Registered Nurse

Healthcare, Wisconsin

“A year or so ago I was fired and came to you to do a resume for me, not only did you do an awesome resume but you gave me a glimmer of hope that all was not lost. It was so much more than just a resume to me. You have been an inspiration to me and I can never thank you enough!

Recently I was hired at the hospital on the Rehab floor full time! With better pay and hours than I previously had at my old job, things really do happen for a reason!! Thank you, thank you , thank you! You above all helped me get here!”

Purchasing Manager

Manufacturing, Wisconsin

“Just wanted to let you know that I received a job. I accepted the position of Purchasing Manager. The cool thing is that God brought this job to me when I really did not think they would look at me because I did not have a four year degree. But, because I had the background, I sent in my resume and cover letter.

I always have figured, if it looks like a job I can do, I send in because, God will put me where He wants me. This is where He wants me. After 21 months of searching, God provided. I received a letter several weeks ago stating that my unemployment would run out August 28th. I was offered the job August 30th. God is so good.

I wanted to thank you for all your help, without your redesign of my resume, I do not believe I would have been looked at. God used you to minister to me. When you think about it, it is quite a ministry you have. Thank you so very much!!”