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Premier Executive Leadership Resume Package

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Key to SuccessYou are at the Pinnacle of your career!

  • You are high-level management ready to transition your expertise to a new organization!
  • You are targeting C-Suite or Director-level positions in Fortune 500 or Fortune 100 organizations and need a cutting-edge, customized Executive Resume and career marketing products, such as an Executive LinkedIn profile, Executive Cover Letters, Executive Job Search Coaching, and Executive Interview Coaching.
  • Or maybe you are an entrepreneur ready to present your new business plan to the bank or investors? Let’s make sure your presentation is perfect online in places like LinkedIn and on paper with your resume, executive bio, and critical leadership addendum.

Your Premier Executive Leadership Resume Package

You are looking for the very best mix of career marketing tools and services.

Premier Executive Leadership Resume Package is designed with cutting-edge products and services to prepare you for the ultimate role of top executive.


The résumé is always the most expensive item in every package. The depth of research and analysis as well as the writing and formatting of the resume are the key ingredients to a successful job search. Resume only in this package is $1097.00. USD. Total value of all the items in this package if bought independently is $5,887.00 USD.

When you choose Design Resumes, Julie Walraven (me) is the Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM) you work with in one-on-one sessions from the start of your resume design throughout the delivery of your branded career services.  My collaborative and interactive style of resume writing works with clients across the desk from me in my Wausau, Wisconsin office to clients throughout the United States communicating with me using Skype or WebEx.

  • Targeted and branded resume written in my collaborative and interactive sessions with you where we capture your top achievements and align the resume with the specific direction you desire.
  • Your resume is delivered in Word, PDF, and text ASCII formats
  • A total of 6 targeted cover letters included in your Premier Executive Leadership package. These fine-tuned cover letters speak directly to your marketability and the specific needs of your target companies.
  • References coaching and reference page formatted to match your resume.
  • Post-interview follow-up and thank you letters (Five) written after your interviews to restate your value.
  • 1 Hour of Interview Coaching. One-on-one role play and rehearsal of those questions you personally find difficult to answer.
  • JibberJobber Introduction and set up of Jason Alba’s Job seeker CRM (a key tool to track your job search activity)
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing and Optimization. Your LinkedIn profile written and optimized to match your career target or entrepreneurial goals.
  • LinkedIn Tour and Coaching. A favorite with my clients. I take you through the back door and front door of LinkedIn to show you all the settings, features, benefits, and tricks of using LinkedIn. Initial session is before we start writing your profile and includes a follow-up session if desired after your profile is complete and you spend some time with your new profile to answer any questions and make any changes.
  • DISC Behavioral Assessment. Choice of multiple assessments from the executive assessment to career planning.
  • DISC Assessment review. After you have completed your assessment, we spend time reviewing the assessment to help you understand the tool and its application to your career.
  • Black & White Resume for Recruiters. Some recruiters prefer the resume without any formatting so they can pass.
  • 1 Hour of Networking Coaching. Networking is key to your success at any level of your career and at any point in your career but building and nurturing a robust network is never as critical as when you have a goal of moving to a new role.
  • 2 Hours of Strategic Job Search Coaching. Job Search is not the same as 10 or 20 years ago. You will be introduced to tools and resources to optimize your search.
  • 2nd Résumé Version – New Target. Many of my clients have more than one career path they could go down. We start with the initial resume and reformat, reposition, and rewrite to create a second resume targeting a different field.
  • 6 months of JibberJobber Premium (Jason Alba’s Jobseeker CRM) which also includes all of his video streaming. (a key tool to track your job search activity)
  • Critical Leadership Addendum of your choice. The Critical Leadership Initiatives is one potential addendum to add value to your resume. Your success stories are critical but the resume may not have room to fully tell the story. Project Profiles can be used within a resume but also can be positioned as a pictorial story of your successes. Complete with photographs, we can create a presentation piece that resonates with your Challenge, Action, Result stories of projects you executed. Addendums can be as creative as you are. If you conceive of a way to use an addendum to document any line of success stories, we can create it.
  • Social Media Profiles and Coaching. Though LinkedIn is the platform most people concentrate on, there is value in using Facebook and Twitter for your job search as well as other platforms. I will write your profiles for Facebook and Twitter and show you ways to use it for job search. Interactive sessions allow you to ask the questions you have about using social media both in the job search and going forward in business.
  • 2 hours Coaching for Content Writing on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is rolling out Pulse, the internal content marketing strategy for all users. You learn how to write content, position yourself for success in your industry or field, and how to effectively share content to get the views you seek.
  • 2 hours Coaching on How to Write and Create Winning Content Marketing Strategies. You learn ways to position yourself online on a website of your own, writing content and headlines that draw in your target audience from an expert in content marketing strategies. Perfect for the executive who wants to launch a consultant business in the future or the executive who plays a key role in marketing.
  • Strategic Graphically Designed Addendum. With infographic resumes all the rage, we create a graphic-rich addendum that tells your story in an innovative way. Perfect piece as an add-on to LinkedIn, upload the file, or as an interest piece when in the final stages of interviews.
  • Targeted and Branded Executive Bio. Whether you are a consultant, speaker, author, or leader, an executive bio speaks in a different way than a resume. Sent ahead, it can help conference planners to craft information to introduce you, tell the audience of your value, or even be used on the back cover of your book.
  • Summary Mini Bio. When chosen as a keynote speaker, this mini bio is the piece that can be used to introduce you at a conference, seminar, or other engagement. The mini bio is also useful as the summary piece when you write an article and need to include a bio for the footnotes.

Call me at (715) 574-5263. You can also email me and we can schedule a time to discuss your goals and my process. Or if you prefer, the handy form below will help get the conversation started.

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Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Administrative Assistant

Healthcare, Wisconsin

The pay they offered was on the high end of the range I wanted, and the only thing I had to negotiate was an extra week of vacation. Their benefits are beyond phenomenal--so finally our healthcare costs are going to go down hugely and yet it's the same insurance company we're on now with my husband that we like.

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for redoing my resume and LI profile, and of course all the pep talks! You went above and beyond!!

Continous Improvement


For the next two years, I will be leading a high level project to improve three plants in the USA. Thereafter, I will be the Global Director of Continuous Improvement. The company is international with revenue of $9B annually, and publicly traded on the NYSE.

Coding Analyst II


"Hi Julie-well you did it again. 1 interview, waited 6 hours and an offer for my asking price. THANK YOU."

High School Teacher


I just wanted to let you know I accepted a position at XYZ School District. I know I already thanked you once, but I want to do it once again. Thank you! Helping me redesign my resume and cover letter allowed me to get the looks that I needed to get interviewed. I will recommend you to anyone on the job search!

Registered Nurse

Healthcare, Wisconsin

“A year or so ago I was fired and came to you to do a resume for me, not only did you do an awesome resume but you gave me a glimmer of hope that all was not lost. It was so much more than just a resume to me. You have been an inspiration to me and I can never thank you enough!

Recently I was hired at the hospital on the Rehab floor full time! With better pay and hours than I previously had at my old job, things really do happen for a reason!! Thank you, thank you , thank you! You above all helped me get here!”

Purchasing Manager

Manufacturing, Wisconsin

“Just wanted to let you know that I received a job. I accepted the position of Purchasing Manager. The cool thing is that God brought this job to me when I really did not think they would look at me because I did not have a four year degree. But, because I had the background, I sent in my resume and cover letter.

I always have figured, if it looks like a job I can do, I send in because, God will put me where He wants me. This is where He wants me. After 21 months of searching, God provided. I received a letter several weeks ago stating that my unemployment would run out August 28th. I was offered the job August 30th. God is so good.

I wanted to thank you for all your help, without your redesign of my resume, I do not believe I would have been looked at. God used you to minister to me. When you think about it, it is quite a ministry you have. Thank you so very much!!”