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How do you write a career change resume?

I work with many clients who are attempting a career transition because their last career either wasn’t a good match or the field they are in has become obsolete. When they come to me, many clients are frustrated because they are not sure how they transition their skills into a new field. Some of them,Continue Reading

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I need a resume update, now what?

You had your resume professionally done. You may determine you need an update. Many people work with me multiple times throughout their career. I help them get a new role and then a few years later, they need an update. If the time span is just one or two years, updates make sense. New contentContinue Reading

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Is your resume in need of a spring cleaning?

People don’t talk about spring cleaning much any more but when I was a little girl, long before there were computers and mobile phones, and even much television, our family had a tradition of spring cleaning. My grandmother lived on the lower level of our house (see photo above by my brother, Andrew Plath) builtContinue Reading

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