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How to create the perfect career marketing solution for you

When clients call me, they have different goals in mind. Some are just starting to find their career path. Some are looking for a job. Some are in a job but want a career. Some have been in a career for many years but hated it. Some of them have been in a career forContinue Reading

Is it your resume? Not always!

Multiple factors affect the success of your job search. As a professional resume writer, you probably think I would always say it is the resume. Sometimes it is clearly the resume that doesn’t resonate with the market because you are not demonstrating that you have the skill sets for the jobs you are targeting. However,Continue Reading

Why sharing content on social media is marketing

When I started blogging or content marketing, it was relatively new to many people and in Central Wisconsin where I live, it was almost unheard of to be a blogger or content marketer. It was 2008 when I started blogging for Design Resumes but on a free WordPress site. There weren’t very many early postsContinue Reading

Your resume – Mix it up – change it up, be innovative!

We tend to be creatures of habit, doing things the way we were taught or learned along the way. For some people, change is not a problem, for others, it becomes a crisis point. The salad in the photo is a case in point. We have ways of thinking of things and believe that theyContinue Reading

When technology gets in the way of people

Anyone who knows me well knows I love technology and use it every day. But there are times when even I think we have gone too far with depersonalizing things and making it harder than easier. Did Automated loan processes take you out of a real personal relationship with your banker? I’ve talked with numerousContinue Reading

I have to have the perfect resume for my dream job!

I field numerous calls from prospective clients who want to know how long it will take, how much time they will need to spend, and of course, how much it costs to create their new perfect resume. Some of these people are now my new clients. But some of the people are not. Why? IContinue Reading

What frustrates older workers about young workers?

Q: What do you find the biggest frustrations that older people have in the workplace when working with young people? Top 4 Complaints from Older Workers about Young Workers Accuracy of work Late to work or frequent absences Perceived as always needing praise Higher turnover rates The above certainly don’t apply to every young workerContinue Reading

Are you shutting the door on your job search success?

When your focus in life is on what is going wrong in your life, you miss many opportunities to succeed. If you are in a job search mode and you have that focus, you will find yourself struggling. Why do people tune job seekers out when the person needs their help? Negativity breeds negativity. SometimesContinue Reading

Stop waiting for the phone call, follow-up in your job search!

When I published “Job seeker, don’t be afraid of the phone” to my network, a connection suggested that she thought etiquette had changed and you shouldn’t call people to follow-up with your application. I disagree. Skipping the phone because you are afraid you might offend someone is just wrong. We have moved to a pointContinue Reading

Why capitalization and spelling matter in your career

In general, texting, Twitter, and other modern communication methods have made people sloppy. To fit word limits, we have shortened things such as “u” for you and “TY” for thank you. The rules of grammar and capitalization matter in your job search and in your professional communication. Capitalize your name on LinkedIn If you wantContinue Reading