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Are you struggling to overcome the past?

Are you struggling to overcome the past?

Many people set limitations for their life and their career based on past failures, disappointments, or defeats. Whatever the issue, they determine that they cannot be successful because they have been hurt, failed, harmed, or abandoned by their family, their friends, or their employer. They believe they cannot overcome the past.If you continue to wallow… Continue Reading

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6 misconceptions about cover letters!

The question of cover letters one asked since I started in the career industry. When do you use one? What are they? Do I use one at all? To clarify, I asked my colleague, Dawn Bugni from The Write Solution to join us to help list and talk about the confusing definitions and misconceptions of…

Don’t bury your accomplishments, showcase them!

As you glance at resume samples notice the section near the top of the resume called Selected Accomplishments, Key Initiatives, Performance Highlights, or even branded to fit the specific contributions that the client brings to the table. I recently talked about this in the Start thinking of your Super Stories post. Rapid Resume Readers Those…

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