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Is your reactionary leadership getting in the way of your success?

Is your reactionary leadership getting in the way of your success?

With many years of working with job seekers as a professional resume writer and career strategist, I see patterns in leadership styles and I learn why some people are not able to stay employed in leadership roles. One of the things I have observed is the difference between reactionary leaders and proactive critical thinkers. Sometimes… Continue Reading

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Are you strengthening trust with others or destroying trust?

Trust is a nebulous thing. Most people want people to trust them but often they aren’t strengthening trust or building trust, in fact they may be consciously or unconsciously destroying that trust. Are there people who you immediately distrust? Some people who should be in the business of strengthening trust automatically give off vibes that… Continue Reading

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Don’t Let Your Resume Fall in the Black Hole! Gasp!

As I review existing or old resumes prior to starting a new project or see resumes posted online, I find some cardinal rule breakers, like: Happily married, with two beautiful children. As much as that sounds nice, you set off red flags for HR directors with that kind of information. If you include any of…

5 powerful advantages to resume success stories

Forging Ahead & Merry Christmas!

I’ve been in a very reflective mood lately. As I have said in other posts, 2010 has been an amazing year for me. It has been filled with so many things, it is hard to focus sometimes. Job seeker success stories Lately, I have been hearing the same things from my clients, both the very…

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