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Is it your resume? Not always!

Multiple factors affect the success of your job search. As a professional resume writer, you probably think I would always say it is the resume. Sometimes it is clearly the resume that doesn’t resonate with the market because you are not demonstrating that you have the skill sets for the jobs you are targeting. However,Continue Reading

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When technology gets in the way of people

Anyone who knows me well knows I love technology and use it every day. But there are times when even I think we have gone too far with depersonalizing things and making it harder than easier. Did Automated loan processes take you out of a real personal relationship with your banker? I’ve talked with numerousContinue Reading

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What frustrates older workers about young workers?

Q: What do you find the biggest frustrations that older people have in the workplace when working with young people? Top 4 Complaints from Older Workers about Young Workers Accuracy of work Late to work or frequent absences Perceived as always needing praise Higher turnover rates The above certainly don’t apply to every young workerContinue Reading

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