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Find beauty in the clouds

A photographer friend in Miami commented on my Facebook post today and I told him to keep sending the beautiful sunsets. He replied, “It’s cloudy today” and I replied, “Find beauty in the clouds.” His response is that they are all grey. Sometimes life seems like this. All grey and cloudy. And we don’t like…Continue Reading

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Is the 30 year job gone?

This morning was my monthly Christian Business Leaders breakfast. I have been part of this group since 2008. I love the camaraderie and resources the different members represent and that we all share the common connection of belief in Jesus Christ despite different backgrounds, religious affiliations, and personalities. We discussed many business-related issues this morning…Continue Reading

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Could your Facebook posts cost you a job?

I still find Facebook to be a useful tool for many reasons but there is good reason to watch what you say and post on Facebook. You may think you are safe because of privacy settings but all indicators say that anyone who really wants to can see what you post. How could your Facebook…Continue Reading

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