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Are you making excuses or progress?

Caught this thought-provoking comment by Chris Brogan this morning: You can make excuses or you can make progress. Both take time. One pays. It caught me at a particularly bad attitude time. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself more than usual since I slipped on our back deck stairs last week and banged myself up.Continue Reading

What is a Garden Leave Clause and should I sign it?

Though I am not a lawyer, there are times when clients ask me questions about issues they encounter in the workplace. Though I always refer and defer to lawyers for my clients, I like to be able to send them in the right direction. This morning a client texted me to ask about the “GardenContinue Reading

Make sure your job search advice is correct!

Periodically I get requests from people who want to have me link to their blog or share their content on my site. One of the latest was someone who wanted to me to share a link about resumes so he would get traffic for his office space rental blog. The request even sounded genuine asContinue Reading

How do I select Keywords for Skills and Expertise in LinkedIn?

You want your LinkedIn profile to be found. You have fine-tuned everything else but now you are stumped by the keyword problem. You want to have the key words that will match the positions you would really like. You also want the keywords to reflect the skill sets you have in the positions you holdContinue Reading

Don’t hit send without checking your spelling!

Last night I wrote (and published) a new post about references. I read over before I hit publish and reviewed the spelling suggestions but missed a really important one that wasn’t highlighted because it was in the title. Did you Spell check? I spelled everything without the “r” as eveything. As I type that now,Continue Reading

Everything you wanted to know about references but never asked

After the recent hullabaloo about LinkedIn endorsements, I thought we could take a little time to talk about the references a job seeker provides. Let’s just play Q&A today with the most frequently asked questions by my Design Resumes clients on the topic of references. How many references should you have? My standard answer isContinue Reading

Are you still holding your breath in your job search?

As I was speaking with a client the other day, I mentioned that I think many people are holding their breath in their job search because there is so much uncertainty. She agree and said I had hit the nail on the head even though she really hadn’t thought of it. If we are allContinue Reading

Continuing the conversation LinkedIn Endorsements

Recently, I asked you if you had seen the new LinkedIn endorsements. I wrote the post after seeing conversation about the endorsements on the career e-lists. Many people are not happy with this newest innovation by LinkedIn. They think it is too easy to point and click and therefore the endorsements are not sincere orContinue Reading

Don’t bury your accomplishments, showcase them!

As you glance at resume samples notice the section near the top of the resume called Selected Accomplishments, Key Initiatives, Performance Highlights, or even branded to fit the specific contributions that the client brings to the table. I recently talked about this in the Start thinking of your Super Stories post. Rapid Resume Readers ThoseContinue Reading

Are you playing tug of war with your resume writer?

When you are looking for a resume writer or career professional, you need to make sure that you are willing to work in their business model. You really need to spend some time studying resume writers’ websites to find the right one for you. The Design Resumes Business Model As I have said before, businessContinue Reading