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What frustrates older workers about young workers?

Q: What do you find the biggest frustrations that older people have in the workplace when working with young people? Top 4 Complaints from Older Workers about Young Workers Accuracy of work Late to work or frequent absences Perceived as always needing praise Higher turnover rates The above certainly don’t apply to every young workerContinue Reading

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Why capitalization and spelling matter in your career

In general, texting, Twitter, and other modern communication methods have made people sloppy. To fit word limits, we have shortened things such as “u” for you and “TY” for thank you. The rules of grammar and capitalization matter in your job search and in your professional communication. Capitalize your name on LinkedIn If you wantContinue Reading

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The formula for a substantial job offer

People often ask me “Do your clients get results?” when they are wondering if they should hire me. The answer is “Yes” but there is a formula to success and there is a strategy in the implementation of the formula. The Formula to successful job offers Start with a great resume Since I am aContinue Reading

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