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How to write a professional resume that won’t sell you short

How to write a professional resume that won’t sell you short

Despite the availability numerous resources on resume writing, many people still struggle with writing a marketable professional resume because they undervalue their potential and make light of their achievements. They sell themselves short because as they look back on their career and underrate what happened or depreciate their accomplishments. Don’t sell yourself short in your… Continue Reading

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A quick and easy tip when your resume file gets too big

Do I own my resume?

When clients work with me, they often wonder if they can edit their own resume. With me, though the content is particular to the client and should not be shared with friends, it is your resume. Sharing your resume content or format with others While sharing is nice, sharing your resume content or format so…

How to maximize the timing for your job search

How creative can you be with your resume?

With my company name as Design Resumes, the name implies creativity. I didn’t plan it that way but I have always had an eye on being innovative. What about color on resumes? In 2003, Design Resumes started using color on resumes. I had very top-end printers at the time because of my work with non-profits…