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What’s the best free resume writing website?

Someone asked the question above about the best free resume writing website and I answered on Klout’s Cinch app. This was my answer: Free resume writing site? Well, that depends what you are looking for – the best experts in the career industry have sites that also include extensive tips, strategies, and resume samples forContinue Reading

Is your resume boring or wimpy? Ask better questions

If you are struggling with getting responses for your resume, your resume may be boring or wimpy. I’ve written resumes professionally for a long time and many of my clients return for periodically for updates. Is your resume showcasing your best content? Resume styles change and I always give update clients redesigned and revitalized formatting,Continue Reading

Are you writing your resume with tired old verbs?

Clients who work with me know that I push them to find new ways of saying things. I use many different tools to find ways to replace the tired, old words that seem to haunt most resumes. What verbs seem tired and worn out to a professional resume writer? Developed – Research in your thesaurusContinue Reading

Are you setting unattainable goals?

Not long ago, I talked about goals versus resolutions and how it is important to not use January 1 as the only time you set goals. There are many ways to look at goal-setting and some people don’t even like the word, “goal.” I do, though, because I find that far to many people don’tContinue Reading

3 powerful tips to success in your job search

No one said job search is easy. It isn’t but there are certain things you can change that will make your job search much more successful. Negative thinking yields negative results Attitude is the most critical thing in a job search. Nothing will destroy your momentum more than negative thinking or wallowing in fear andContinue Reading

The secret to using Thank Yous in my job search

How to say thank you is a habit your mother probably taught you. She may have even taught you how to write thank you notes. Unfortunately, many of us lose our manners as we become adults. Writing any type of thank you notes in our electronic world seems tedious and extra work when we sendContinue Reading

When weather interrupts your plans

Wisconsin like much of the country is in a deep freeze now. It is affecting everything from air flights to frozen pipes. My temps have been subzero off and on throughout December but when we reached the month of January, we plummeted so deeply that everything was starting to grind to a standstill. We’re aContinue Reading

My 3 Words for 2014

After reading my career industry colleague, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter,’s response to Chris Brogan’s 3 word challenge for the new year, I started thinking maybe this should be the year I add my 3 Words into the mix. Jacqui’s deliberate way of looking at life is so motivating. (By the way, deliberate was one of Jacqui’s wordsContinue Reading

What differentiates you from the next job seeker?

The toughest question that I make my clients answer is what makes them different from everyone else. As we develop the resume and the collateral other pieces, which can include the cover letter, reference page, LinkedIn profile, and even an executive bio, my goal is to figure out what differentiates them, what their value isContinue Reading

Did I blow the job interview?

Even when you prepare and rehearse for the tough question, you may find yourself wondering if you blew the interview. If you didn’t spend time preparing and rehearsing and a tough question caught you unaware, you may be terrified that you blew it. What happens in an interview coaching session? My first assignment for myContinue Reading