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3 tips to transform your job search

The economy is clearly getting better than it was the last five years, which should give hope to job seekers but there are still many unemployed people struggling with job search and others wondering if they should make a move now. Brainstorm new job search opportunities Discover and use online resources to research new fields…Continue Reading

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Job Search Research Resume Writer Style

Knowing my colleagues in the career marketing industry fairly well, I would guess I am not the only one who does this. Wherever I go, I am conducting mini research and studying the different roles and the jobs they do. Job Search Research at the Dentist During a recent visit to the dentist to have…Continue Reading

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Is your photo on LinkedIn?

Ever look at the People You May Know section of LinkedIn? This is the area that suggests people for you to connect with on LinkedIn. As I look down the page, I can rapidly count 15 people from the top who have no picture. I realize some of these people may be those that just…Continue Reading

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