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Eliminate frustrations by organizing your life

We’ve all lost something at some point. Your keys, your Daytimer (planner), your checkbook, your phone, the TV remote, and important files or mail. At that point, you kick yourself and think, “I am going to get organized!” but you don’t! The moment passes and you can now move on to the next process. We… Continue Reading

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Is fear holding you back?

For being tagged a creative individual, I have an intensely analytical side that is always thinking about statistics and analytics. I watch my financials closely. If I would need to explain to a banker what my assets and liabilities are, I could pretty much tell them to the penny and I have a spreadsheet dating… Continue Reading

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How to give your interview skills an edge

Do you struggle with interviewing? I know many of my clients have a tough time when they approach the interview. Like many other career professionals, I provide interview coaching as part of my packages. The coaching helps to get the client on track but what if the client could continue to practice our coaching sessions… Continue Reading

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