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How to make sure LinkedIn is bringing you value

I get the LinkedIn Updates in my e-mail and check out the changes of my connections. My clients are often connected to me and sometimes it is the way I find out about their new positions if they didn’t send me an e-mail. Savvy career management-focused clients will make sure that their LinkedIn profile getsContinue Reading

What happens when you move past the possible?

If you haven’t yet stumbled across Jim Connolly’s latest project, the Creative Thinking Hub, you are missing something special. His article, How to do the impossible, particularly caught my eye. Read all of the article when you finish this one and then savor these words from Jim: Rethinking your possibilities Take time out today, toContinue Reading

Why your online presence is more critical than ever

A trip down memory lane and my telephone history Like many people, we have become a cell phone only family. I bought my husband his first cell phone back in 1995 for Christmas. It was a bag phone. As a contractor, he was never easy to find when he was on the job and theContinue Reading

Are you REALLY focused on your goals?

I have to admit one of the Superbowl commercials did catch my attention.   I am sure most of you saw it. The dog’s goal is to be able to fit through the doggie door. He takes extraordinary measures to get fit and ends up reaching his goal of fitting through the door so heContinue Reading

Does your resume and LinkedIn writing make the grade?

A new reader of this site shared a new tool, the CV Word Checker in his comments on the post, “You’re lost and you want to be found on LinkedIn” to check the quality of LinkedIn and CV (or resume) writing standards. Your career marketing documents do need to pass the test of good writingContinue Reading

Is your lack of vision getting in the way of your future?

Anyone else feel like the saying, “Older but wiser” is really true for you? I find that the older I get the more reflective I am on decisions I made in the past. Now I look at things I held back doing which would have benefited me and think, “Why didn’t I do this before?”Continue Reading

Why the one page resume doesn’t solve everything for everyone!

Just when you think resume writers have helped the world understand that the one page resume is a myth, someone wakes it up again! Yesterday Ari Herzog sent me a link and asked if this one page resume advice was contrary to my thinking. The link he sent was this one by Alison Doyle. IContinue Reading

What happens when you send the wrong message?

I think I see it on Twitter the most but it is out there on every social media platform. You see someone reposting the same message over and over. What do I do? I block them. Often they are bots and it creates a problem. Other times though I see someone who seems to haveContinue Reading

You don’t know why they didn’t hire you

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my most recent clients at Design Resumes was a Director of Human Resources, we’ll call her Mary. Mary was delightful to work with but in addition to being a great client, she let me verify and clarify my impressions about human resources practices. With 15 yearsContinue Reading

The secret to get your resume to the employer

One of the benefits of being a resume writer is that I work with a wide range of people. Among the people I am currently working with is a Director of Human Resources. She has been willingly helping me double-check human resources practices and job search perspective from an HR viewpoint. We were talking aboutContinue Reading