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10 Twitter Basic Tips for Job Seekers

Everyone is telling you to use Twitter for job search. Everyone is telling you to use LinkedIn for job search. Everyone is telling you to use Facebook for job search. But once you jump into the water, you stall. You don’t know how to move forward. You don’t know how to use Twitter in yourContinue Reading

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What is on the economic horizon for jobseekers?

We’ve all been holding our breath seems like for about five years now. This is the longest recession in recent history and I have my own theories as to why this is. Complex global economic factors Obviously, there are complex global economic factors that are at work that are far beyond my comprehension. However, IContinue Reading

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Real Networking isn’t Speed Dating

I was coaching a client last night after an in-house interview she had for a new position within her company. The role she has right now is very people-centric but the new one would require much more networking. This young lady has already done awesome things. She helped her family launch a non-profit focused onContinue Reading

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