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How to improve communication to get better results

How to improve communication to get better results

Whether you are in a job search, small business, entrepreneurial endeavor, or volunteering, there are ways to improve communication to get better results. Last month, I talked about how to improve your communication to avoid workplace meltdowns. By working with clients at all levels (entry-level to executive), occupations, industries, and ages, I know communication is so… Continue Reading

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A quick and easy tip when your resume file gets too big

The Right Tools for your Jobsearch

I had them all along. I knew I did too. I had the right tools to conquer the weeds in my garden. The most important tool was the pitchfork and second came the gloves. The combination was a winner. But I knew I had them. The gloves I used a lot. But alone the gloves…

How do I know you can write my resume?

Let there be light! Steps to put light on your job search!

I was sitting in my Design Resumes office yesterday afternoon writing a resume for a new client and it was getting hard to see. I walked over to the light switch and turned it on. And then there was light! And I could see again. It’s an ordinary moment but it struck me. Though I…