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How to plan for your next job interview

Interviewing is stressful and there are multiple aspects to the planning. Today let’s just do some basic Q&A to learn the best ways to be successful. What type of interview will it be? There are many types of interviews and many ways they are conducted. The most common are the phone interview, the Skype interview,Continue Reading

Don’t let setbacks set you back in your job search

Things don’t go as planned. As the line in Robert Burns poem goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry.” We think we have it all planned out and then something happens and messes it up. When the Christmas Stocking plan went awry Last year one of my adult sons lookedContinue Reading

What are your goals for 2014?

This is the time of year that people think about goals and resolutions and I do too. However, I believe in goals, not New Year’s resolutions because I think people too often think of the New Year as the only time they think they can make a resolution. The problem with this is that mostContinue Reading

Can I get a good job without a college degree?

I’ve been answering questions now and then through a new app called Cinch from Klout. A recent question was this: How can I get a good job without a college degree? Though I think education is very important, I know that many of my clients have succeeded without a four-year degree. Many of them fallContinue Reading

Why you should always be in a career marketing mode

Headlines abound currently about the ending of Federal unemployment benefits. The media is making a big deal of it and we don’t know but that may change rapidly when the lawmakers return to work. Federal benefits kick in after state benefits are used up and are essential for some people. Why long-term unemployment is dangerousContinue Reading

When you are struggling to stay positive

Normally I am a fairly positive person but like everyone, I have days that I just don’t feel very positive. Today was one of those days. I somehow got a piece of glass in my eye, at least I think it was a piece of glass. I woke up with whatever it was and itContinue Reading

No job is forever – Be Prepared!

In today’s economy, there are no promises. Even if you have lost a job before and landed with a great new one, there are no promises that it will last. The volatility of the economy for the last decade or more has pushed many people onto the job market, some that thought it would neverContinue Reading

5 Gmail tips to organize & improve your professionalism – Part 1 Computer skills for Jobseekers

While every job is different and you will need specific computer skills depending on the specific job, there are some basic things that today’s job seeker should know to be valuable to the next position. Managing Your Email Whether you use Gmail or Outlook or some other program, you need to learn strategies for managingContinue Reading

What attracts the hiring manager or recruiter to your LinkedIn profile?

Many people hate having their photo taken. Still others say they never take a good photo when given the opportunity to be photographed. Others just never get around to being in the picture because they are always the photographer. When it comes to using LinkedIn or other platforms, your photo is necessary. What attracts theContinue Reading

5 tips to being a supportive spouse in the job search

Sudden job loss is stressful. Any job loss is stressful. All job loss affects the whole family and not just the job seeker. When your spouse has been the main source of income for years, panic can set in very quickly. If there are major health issues that require investment into medications or frequent treatments,Continue Reading