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Why you should keep your address book off LinkedIn

I admit, I had my email address book connected to LinkedIn and even liked it. It was an easy way to keep up with my network and LinkedIn was doing some of my work for me by reminding me to make contact with my connections and invite my email contacts into LinkedIn. Accidental Invitations UntilContinue Reading

Are you working on a degree in Advanced Worrying?

There’s a Bible passage in Matthew 6 that says: 34“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” Worrying in advance Unfortunately, many of usContinue Reading

You can’t let negativity tear you down

No matter how many success stories a person has, there will be a “no” sometime in your life. Someone, perhaps because of their own life experiences, will not click with your hard work. Perhaps it will be a manager, a customer, a neighbor, or even a spouse. You have two choices at that point. YouContinue Reading

The secret to improving your professional headline on LinkedIn

When you first set up a LinkedIn account, you fill in your name, which is easy and then you see the professional headline line and you may just let LinkedIn fill it in for you with your most recent job title. This professional headline is limited to 120 characters and using your most recent jobContinue Reading

Be Prepared – not just for the Boy Scouts

Growing up in a Scouting family, I learned the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared” pretty early. I was never a Girl Scout but in high school, I joined an Explorer Post, the coed division of the Boy Scouts. My Explorer Post was a Community Service post and that experience literally changed my life. But that’sContinue Reading

Don’t sacrifice your dreams!

I was talking with a client this morning who is employed and fairly well compensated but the job has changed and the creativity and strategizing is gone. This client is not alone. Many people who may still have a job have a job that doesn’t provide the satisfaction. You can look at that many ways.Continue Reading

Your phone call still matters

We have become a generation who seems to be afraid to use the phone, especially in a job search. The job seeker keeps applying to job after job and maybe even invests in the services of a professional resume writer and career coach to help them navigate the job world. But the job seeker oftenContinue Reading

How difficult is it to transition to a new career?

You started down one career path and you no longer feel that sense of joy that you had when you began. The spark is gone and you are looking to find a job that makes you look forward to going to work again. Perhaps you have already invested in new education to transition you toContinue Reading

How to make LinkedIn work in your job search

Every once in awhile I run into someone who looks at me with a total glazed over face when I tell them that I strongly suggest LinkedIn as a marketing and job search tool. With all of its faults that have been noted on multiple platforms, LinkedIn is still a valuable resource that no jobContinue Reading

Quitting your job? 5 things not to do!

Yesterday I talked about letters of resignation. Today let’s talk about what NOT to do when you decide it is time to move on. 5 things not to say or do when you quit your job At any point in your career, you should be thinking about the future and making sure that what youContinue Reading