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Professional Resume Samples

Professional Resume Samples

Resume Strategy is Individual to the Person

  • Every resume and every resume client is different. I work with you in collaborative sessions to find the best strategy and best way to tell your resume stories. I help you remember the details and position them to the best advantage. Clients call our sessions brain storming sessions or strategic writing sessions. When you hire me, you have a partner in your job search who is an expert in the latest resume writing strategies and knows how best to land the next job.
  • Note that the professional resume samples below are first page only. The resume length is determined by your career path, the level and depth, and relevant information beyond your employment. Features of your resume may include Education, Professional Organizations, Community Leadership, Certifications, or Presentations. The majority of resumes I write are 2 to 3 page resumes.
  • My goal is to market you in the best possible way, telling your resume stories in a clear and well-presented way that captures the interest of the hiring manager. 

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Quality professional resume samples

Professional Resume Samples on this page are real client resumes fictionalized to protect the client’s identities. These samples were provided with client permission after the client has won his or her new job. New professional resume samples will be added in the future.

  • My resume writing process with my clients begins with our Project Roadmap where I select current samples applicable to their career level or industry as well as alternative strategies to start the conversation about the best strategy for their resume project.
  • Your resume is authentic to you and incorporates the styles, ideas, formatting, and content to help you reach your career goals.
  • If your profession isn’t represented in one of the samples, the strategies and ideas for structure can be used for many different occupations.

Magic happens when I work with you as my client! In my collaborative process, I listen to your stories and capture what value you added in your prior roles in your career and transform those resume stories into a marketing tool you can use to land your dream job. The foundation built with the resume is creates content for LinkedIn, cover letters, and other career marketing tools.

Job search has changed dramatically from even 5 years ago:

  • You have to catch the interest of hiring managers much more quickly and you have to tell your story in different ways.
  • The resume and other tools such as LinkedIn provide a robust and intriguing introduction to recruiters and hiring managers.
  • People who work with me to help them in their job search learn ways to optimize their content, tell those stories not only in writing but in interviews. The interviews lead to offers for the types of jobs they could only dream of using their old resumes and job search strategies.

Professional Resume Samples Strategy

I wrote these professional resume samples for specific clients with specific targets. If you hire me write your resume, it will be uniquely crafted with features you chose. I write your resume stories to capture your value.

As a Multi-Certified Resume Writer (CERM, CMRW, CPRW) in Wausau, Wisconsin, I help job seekers throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe transform their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and job search strategies in interactive, solution-driven strategic planning sessions.

Three Ways to Get Started

      1. Call 715-574-5263
      2. Email to tell me your career needs.
      3. Book your 20-minute prospect appointment with my Calendly scheduling app to discuss your project and career goals. (After your payment is complete and we are working together, you can use Calendly to book your 60 and 90 client meetings with me too!)

Selected Success Stories from Julie's Clients

Administrative Assistant

Healthcare, Wisconsin

"The pay they offered was on the high end of the range I wanted Their benefits are beyond phenomenal. I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for redoing my resume and LinkedIn profile, and all the coaching. You went above and beyond!!"

Continous Improvement

Automotive, Michigan

"I will be leading a high level project to improve three plants. Thereafter, I will be the Global Director of Continuous Improvement for an international. Without your coaching and strategic job search advice, I would not have accomplished this great career move."

Director of Training and Development

Human Resources, Massachusetts

"I accepted a position as Director of Employee Training and Development in state government. I can't thank you enough for your continuous support and inspiration."

High School Teacher

Education, Wisconsin

"I know I already thanked you once, but I want to do it once again. Redesigning my resume and cover letter allowed me to get interviewed. I will recommend you to anyone looking for their next career move."

Registered Nurse

Healthcare, Wisconsin

“A year or so ago I was fired and came to you to do a resume for me, not only did you do an awesome resume but you gave me a glimmer of hope that all was not lost. It was so much more than just a resume to me. You have been an inspiration to me and I can never thank you enough!"

Purchasing Manager

Manufacturing, Wisconsin

“I accepted the position of Purchasing Manager. I really did not think they would look at me because I did not have a four year degree. Without your redesign of my resume, I do not believe I would have been looked at. Thank you so very much!!”