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Executive Director – Non Profit Professional Resume Sample

You, the job seeker, can use these resume samples to help you get started. As you think through the process and write your own accomplishments, your resume begins to resonate with your own value. As a Certified Master Resume Writer, Julie Walraven (me), will guide you to capture your success stories and lead you through the maze of social media job search to achieve your goals.

My packages are diverse and designed to meet the needs of professionals at every level of their career. Clients in the non-profit section have landed roles with multiple organizations that vetted them against stiff competition, national non-profits such as the civil rights organizations, healthcare organizations, at-risk youth non-profits, performing arts organizations, and more.

At Design Resumes, each resume begins with a blank document and evolves into your personalized professionally written resume focusing on your unique accomplishments and talents.

Beverly’s story

This professionally written resume was written to help Beverly land a new position as an Executive Director of a Non-profit. She had a broad geographic range and a broad range of non-profit targets throughout the Midwest.

We wrote this resume while she still was the Executive Director in August of 2009 and by December 2009, she had accepted a new position as Arts Festival Director several states away.

We also wrote her LinkedIn profile to give her the opportunity to network. Her resume showcased her dedication to event management and how many creative ways she had grown attendance and revitalized stagnant events. In her location at the time of her job search, she was very well-known but most of her targets were out-of-state.

For an individual who had landed a tough events management position shortly after college, her resume demonstrated that youth was not a problem that hampered her ability to successfully lead. Since that time, we have revised her resume after she returned to her home state and she successfully landed in new non-profit leadership roles that allowed her to incorporate her love of health and wellness.

To help you find your next Executive Director or management role in a non-profit, you may find it helpful to hire an expert in career marketing to write your resume. Intrigued? Select your resume package.

Selected Success Stories from Julie's Clients

Administrative Assistant

Healthcare, Wisconsin

"The pay they offered was on the high end of the range I wanted Their benefits are beyond phenomenal. I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for redoing my resume and LinkedIn profile, and all the coaching. You went above and beyond!!"

Continous Improvement

Automotive, Michigan

"I will be leading a high level project to improve three plants. Thereafter, I will be the Global Director of Continuous Improvement for an international. Without your coaching and strategic job search advice, I would not have accomplished this great career move."

Director of Training and Development

Human Resources, Massachusetts

"I accepted a position as Director of Employee Training and Development in state government. I can't thank you enough for your continuous support and inspiration."

High School Teacher

Education, Wisconsin

"I know I already thanked you once, but I want to do it once again. Redesigning my resume and cover letter allowed me to get interviewed. I will recommend you to anyone looking for their next career move."

Registered Nurse

Healthcare, Wisconsin

“A year or so ago I was fired and came to you to do a resume for me, not only did you do an awesome resume but you gave me a glimmer of hope that all was not lost. It was so much more than just a resume to me. You have been an inspiration to me and I can never thank you enough!"

Purchasing Manager

Manufacturing, Wisconsin

“I accepted the position of Purchasing Manager. I really did not think they would look at me because I did not have a four year degree. Without your redesign of my resume, I do not believe I would have been looked at. Thank you so very much!!”