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J.S. | Civil Engineering Technician

“Thank you for helping me create a very professional looking resume. It saved me tons of time finding the right words to use… I have referred you to others and they’ve come back to me saying thanks for the suggestion.”

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J.G. | Television News Director, Minnesota

“A properly written and good looking resume is essential to landing the ideal job. Design Resumes was there for me when I needed to make a career change. I credit Julie Walraven with helping me leap into a more prestigious and financially rewarding position.”

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M.W. | Executive Secretary, Wisconsin

“I received so many wonderful compliments on the resume and also received an invitation to work at a company 3 years ago that I absolutely love. You had mentioned upon my exit to let you know how things went and that is why I’m sending this note as well as a THANK YOU to you for your great service.”

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T.D. – Office Manager, New York, NY

I have moved to New York from Florida, and have been trying to find a full time job here for now 7 months. It has seemed to me that in the Big Apple it would be a piece of cake to land a job with all my skills and experience, but 4,000 job applications later I finally realized that I need help. I have tried to Google professional resumes and rewrite mine according to the samples I found, but that didn’t land me any interviews either.

I originally wrote my resume in 2009, and have been making changes here and there. Most of my jobs I have been referred to, so I got to make a first impression in person and my resume was just a formality in the interview process. Here in New York, with no one to refer me to the prospective employer,  I realized that the only way to make me stand out from thousands of applicants is my resume, so I started shopping online for a resume writing service. I have spent weeks doing that because if I were to invest money into my career, I wanted quality. I’d rather pay more and get the best. I found services starting at $179 and ranging into $600’s. I have looked for reviews for each on BBB, pissed consumer, rip off report, etc.  I wanted to find someone who will work with me live, so I can explain all my responsibilities and accomplishments to a literate professional, who will then be able to put it into right words and create a “WOW” resume for me.

Most services I found used a questionnaire, email and/or a phone interview. I came across Julie’s site (, and while it was very resourceful, it didn’t sell me on the services. Few days later I finally found a company whose site pretty much sold me, but the number of closed complaints on BBB website kept me shopping. Having checked out over 50 different professional resume writers, I had a few in mind to call, and Julie wasn’t on the list.

I decided to sleep on it and start calling in the morning. Next day I woke up and for some reason my gut told me to work with Julie, so I called her, and boy was my gut right. I am so happy with my new resume and cover letter, I have a second breath for job search. We worked live on Skype all the time, I could see exactly what she was doing, and I couldn’t ask for a more personalized experience for my money.

I showed my new resume to my boyfriend and friends, and they said that I’d never write something like this on my own. And they are right. It is hard to write about your own accomplishments, for me at least, especially in a way that will impress a person who makes hiring decisions. Julie, thank you so much for my resume. I am so proud to attach it now when I apply for jobs!

D.D. | Senior Director, National Non-Profit Organization, Ohio

I truly appreciate your efforts, advice, referrals and support during this job search process. You have consistently went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with my résumé, cover letters, and online profiles. Thank you for everything! I could not have done it without Design Resumes.

FOR MORE INFORMATION email me here julie(at) OR Call me: +1715-803-4205 (office)