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Conservation Intern Professional Resume Sample

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Why are these professionally written resume samples available for FREE?

You might be wondering why I provide free professional resume samples. I know job seekers struggle. This latest recession seems to be on the 5 year mark right now with no return in sight to the prosperous years we once knew. Job seekers need to have cutting edge strategies in this market.

My fees are set at a competitive rate for a certified professional resume writer but not everyone feels ready to invest in hiring a professional resume writer.

Of course, there is a limit to the number of clients I can work with (about 10 to 20 per month) but by providing the samples and the free content marketing information, I can now help job seekers who may never choose to be my clients.

Job seekers can use these samples as examples to help them get started. Each of my resumes is crafted just for the client so of course you can’t just stick your name on it and call it good. You have to think through the process and write your own accomplishments and incorporate the information that makes you valuable to the next employer.

My clients know that I investigate and discover their unique talents to find out who they are and how to showcase their talents. If YOU choose to work with me, your professionally written resume will never be an exact clone of any that you see here.

Each resume begins with a blank document and evolves into your personalized professionally written resume focusing on your unique accomplishments and talents. No templates or preconceived formats are part of my resume designs or writing. Let me know how I can help you!

I use the unique process I have dubbed “the Julie Difference,” and to read more about it, click here.

With no obligation whatsoever, simply give me a call at 715-574-5263 8am to 9pm Central Standard Time (CST) Monday through Saturday or E-mail: JulieWalraven (at) to discuss your questions and specific needs for your job search or career change.

Jen’s story

The fun thing about this resume is that this client was referred by her mother whose resume I had written about 18 years ago. The mother participated in the initial appointment with her daughter. She told me that she still had the Registered Nurse position that she got with her resume that I wrote 18 years ago when she graduated from nursing school.

I later pulled up the resume for the daughter after we had this resume far into the process. The changes were amazing. Obviously, 18 years ago, the resume I wrote for her mother worked but the differences in content and the depth that resumes go today, even for entry level resumes is amazing.

Jen’s experience in the field in international studies in the conservation field were so filled with value, I included them in the resume to demonstrate that as a student she had already had very unusual in-depth experiences that would make her a valuable resource to any internship and any later position.

With a student resume like this one, when she lands her first position, there will be new information and many of these background details will go away. Staying abreast of the changes in your career will create a dynamic resume that can continue to evolve as your career evolves.

Are you tired of being stuck or just ready to move on? Let’s work together to help you find a new career and shorten your job search time! To find out how, Read this!
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