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Executive Director – Non Profit Professional Resume Sample

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You, the job seeker, can use these resume samples to help you get started. As you think through the process and write your own accomplishments, your resume begins to resonate with your own value.

At Design Resumes, each resume begins with a blank document and evolves into your personalized professionally written resume focusing on your unique accomplishments and talents.

Beverly’s story

This professionally written resume was written to help Beverly land a new position as an Executive Director of a Non-profit. She had a broad geographic range and a broad range of non-profit targets throughout the Midwest.

We wrote this resume while she still held the position of Executive Director of Area Events in August of 2009 and by December 2009, she had accepted a new position as Arts Festival Director several states away.

We also wrote her LinkedIn profile to give her the opportunity to network. Her resume showcased her dedication to event management and how many creative ways she had grown attendance and revitalized stagnant events. In her location at the time of her job search, she was very well known but most of her targets were out of state.

For an individual who had landed a tough events management position shortly after college, her resume demonstrated that youth was not a problem that hampered her ability to successfully lead.

To help you find your next Executive Director or management role in a non-profit, you may find it helpful to hire an expert in career marketing to write your resume, read this.

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