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Facilities Manager Professional Resume Sample

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Facilities Manager
Facilities Manager

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Each sample resume was designed and written by me, Julie Walraven, Certified Professional Resume Writer at Design Resumes. The samples are fictionalized versions of real resumes used with the permission of the clients involved. The identifiable details are changed but the content and formatting remains the same.

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Heidi’s story

When Heidi came to me, she was looking to transition her extensive project management skills with a major construction firm into a position with one of the facilities she had helped to build, a new hospital. We wanted people to understand what value she would bring to the position if she was on board. She understood the specifics of the building and would be able to provide insight into the role because she understood all the intricacies of the project.

We used a brief project profile on her professionally written resume to help the hiring manager’s get an idea of the types of projects Heidi worked on and the value of those project. This same concept has been used with other clients even as a Project Profile Addendum created to illustrate their experience and the scope of the projects.

Professional Facilities Manager Resume sample
Facilities Manager Page two

This resume is one of three featured in Wendy Enelow’s and Louise Kursmark’s Expert Resumes for Engineers.

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