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Facility Manager Professional Resume Sample

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Operations Manager Professional Resume sample

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Operations Manager Professional Resume Sample, Page 2Each sample resume was designed for a specific client and written by me, Julie Walraven, Certified Professional Resume Writer at Design Resumes. The samples are fictionalized. The identifiable details are changed but the content and formatting remains the same.

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Jalane’s Story

Jalane came to me as a very well-employed person, highly qualified, and in a position of respect. Her salary was in the 6 figure range but she was seeking a new role with a company with a heart. When downsized in 2005, she spent much time as a volunteer with Helping Neighbors, LLC. This solidified the way she wanted to spend her time. She knew that there are for profit companies that operate from a “have a heart” prospective and she wanted to target her job search toward those companies.

Though we captured her accomplishments in her for-profit companies:

  • Play a key role in directing and managing space planning, relocations, renovations, and construction projects for new and existing facilities. ~ Port Side Cruises
  • Managed design, construction, and relocation of new corporate offices totaling 240,353 square feet (SF) in Latin America, United States, and Canada. ~ Source-Ware
  • Prepared and managed operations budget of more than $30 million and capital budgets of more than $50 million. ~ Source-Ware
  • Established 45 field locations throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific for projects ranging from $120,000 to $12.9 million in value with project sizes ranging from 3,000 to 150,000 SF. ~ TYABASE

Operations Manager Professional Resume Sample Page 3We also made note of her accomplishments with Helping Neighbors:

  • Identified need and size of volunteer teams in collaboration with the local in-country host Global Village Affiliate and arrange work-related logistics. ~ Helping Neighbors
  • Design customized marketing flyers to recruit team members published on the Global Village website.
  • Develop specific trip budgets to track work team expenses and donations.
  • Select and provide orientation materials to selected team members, i.e. payment and fundraising information, cultural sensitivity, travel advice, passport and Visas, trip goals, set expectations, geographic information, politics and religion of the region.

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