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Production Supervisor

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Production Supervisor
Production Supervisor

Why are these samples available for FREE?

You might be wondering why I provide these free samples. I know job seekers struggle. My fees are set at a competitive rate for a professional resume writer. There is a limit to the number of clients I can work with (about 10 to 20 per month) but by providing the samples and the free content marketing information, I can help job seekers who may never choose to be my clients.

My clients know that I investigate and discover their unique talents to find out who they are and how to showcase their talents. If you choose to work with me, your resume will never be an exact clone of any that you see here. Each resume starts with a blank document. No templates or preconceived formats are part of my resume designs or writing. Let me know how I can help you!

With no obligation whatsoever, simply give me a call at 715-574-5263 8am to 9pm Central Standard Time (CST) Monday through Saturday or E-mail: JulieWalraven (at) to discuss your questions and specific needs for your job search or career change.

Michael’s story

Michael Rogers is one fictionalized resume that I really want to share the rest of the story. This resume was one of three featured in Expert Resumes for Engineers by Wendy Enelow & Louise Kursmark.

But the real person is Mark Reede. Mark came to me to work on his resume after a successful career as a lead mechanic in the airline industry. He had substantial success as his resume demonstrated but was ready for a change. The airline industry had been volatile and he had worked through many transitions. Pilots were being laid off, flights canceled and his future was uncertain.

He had planned, as the sample resume indicates, to become a Production Supervisor in an industrial location, perhaps one of the areas many manufacturing plants. Instead, he took a chance on his future and used his knowledge and skills to open a new business, Reede’s Custom Curbs, LLC.

The rest of this unique client story is that when later I met with his wife (who was the original referral for Mark because her sister was our neighbor at the time), she told me of this new venture. We talked a bit and I told her that my son was graduating with a degree in residential building and if they ever had an opening, I thought he might enjoy the start-up experience.

Long story short, she later asked for my son’s resume and he started in 2008 with Reede’s Custom Curb. My son loves working for Mark, he can’t think of another job he would like as well and he has learned all about start-up and customer service as well as the hands-on lessons on how to deliver a creative custom product.

Mark later used this resume with some changes to land a new positions as a mechanic since his business is seasonal in Wisconsin.

Win-win? I think so… so now you know the rest of the story!

Are you tired of being stuck or just ready to move on? Let’s work together to help you find a new career and shorten your job search time! To find out how, Read this!
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