How to avoid bunny trailing in job interviews

Do you understand the expression “bunny trail” or “Bunny trailing?” Or perhaps you call it rabbit trails.

Urban dictionary defines it at
rabbit trail

  • veering off subject or off the point of the conversation
  • A story or explanation leading nowhere.
  • making statements with no real purpose just for the sake of stating it.
“Dude I just wanted you to explain to me how to get to Wendy’s, you’re going on a rabbit trail here, get to the point!”

You do need stories in your resumes and job interviews

Resume writers are storytellers by nature using examples and anecdotes to illustrate a point. Though resume writing means writing tighter and leaner, an effective resume needs stories to pinpoint accomplishments. When you get to the interview stage you also need stories to tell but the stories need to stay on track.

Bunny-trailing is when you start talking about one thing and it leads you to another. You may tell interesting (hopefully) stories but they are far off the mark from the accomplishment-driven stories you should share in the interview.

Tips for avoiding bunny trails in interviews

  • Planning ahead for the interview (phone or in-person) will keep you on track.
  • Do your homework in advance to study the company history, products, services, and their promise to their clients or customers.
  • Search this site for interview topics. Go here.
  • Review interview questions online for other organizations. Google “interview questions”
  • Writing stories down is another way to finesse the stories and make sure they illustrate a success or achievement without taking an hour to get there.
  • Use thoughtful and insightful questions about the mission of the organization or product line.
  • Practice in mock interviews with friends or family.
  • Hire a career professional to interview coach you and help you prepare for the difficult question that troubles you.
I know that I need to work on avoiding the bunny trails in my conversations. How about you? If this is a problem for you, try the tips above and you will experience much more success in your conversations and in the job interview.

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