How to transform a weak resume into a strong resume

How to transform a weak resume into a strong resume

How to transform a weak resume into a strong resumeStrong resume? As a professional resume writer, I have seen my share of weak resumes. There are certain hallmarks of poor ones that all professional resume writers agree are problems.

In the end, the real question is will your resume land you an interview and get you a job? A weak resume will not.

6 signs of a weak resume

  1. Microsoft template – right out of the gates if you use one of the Microsoft standard templates, especially the old ones, you will pigeon-hole yourself into a weak resume category.
  2. An objective statement – I can’t tell you how many students come in to tell me that their instructor said they had to have one. Stop reading the 1980 resume writing books or English textbooks. Replace that with your actual target in a banner headline. Employers want to know your actual target.
  3. Target in a banner headline on a resume that never changes. Don’t use the same one if you are changing the position. Rather take the two seconds to edit that banner and change it to the title of the position you are actually targeting.
  4. Dates on the left. Readers in the United States read left to right. The best place for the dates is on the right so it isn’t the first thing that hits you.
  5. Bad use of space. The old style of resume with headings running down the side, leaving a ribbon of white space and only the headings listed. Don’t waste that space. Use the full resume page for content, weaving in white space between sections.
  6. Focus on Duties instead of accomplishments. The hiring manager doesn’t need to know your duties except as they relate to your  accomplishments. Thinkresume stories.

How to take the weak resume and transform it to a strong resume

  1. Don’t use templates. By using downloadable templates or software provided templates, you run the risk of looking like everyone else. You want to create a document that stands out. Professional resume writers craft both words and formats that get attention and that will get you interviews.
  2. Demonstrate your target with a strong resume banner headline that defines what you are looking for and matches the employer’s needs.
  3. Customize to fit the job target. It’s a 5 second fix.
  4. Position dates on the right.
  5. Showcase your best skills and accomplishments incorporating the key words that fit your particular target.
  6. I can’t say it enough – showcase accomplishments.
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