Is your photo on LinkedIn?

Is your photo on LinkedIn?Is your photo on LinkedIn? LinkedIn experts analyzed that your profile is 11% more likely to be seen if you have your photo on LinkedIn. Ever look at the People You May Know section of LinkedIn? This is the area that suggests people for you to connect with on LinkedIn.

As I look down the page, I can rapidly count 15 people from the top who have no picture. I realize some of these people may be those that just connected on LinkedIn because someone asked them to answer an invite.

If you are going to use LinkedIn, you need a photo. Why? People instinctively trust someone more if they can see their face.

What should your photo on LinkedIn look like?

  • Professional – Your hair should be styled and combed and your attire should be at least business casual.
  • Close up – unless you are making a branding statement like Jacqui in the photo above, you should have your face as the primary focus.
  • Background – A clean background without distractions but you can be creative and use inside or outside photos

Do I need a professional photographer and headshot for LinkedIn?

  • While I think it is important to have a pro shoot you ever so often so you have an excellent photo to use, you don’t need to do that.
  • Cameras today are everywhere. Find someone who is good at taking photos and even a phone picture with the right resolution may make the perfect LinkedIn photo.
  • I often use the webcam to shoot a new photo but it is harder to have a good backdrop depending on where your webcam is located.

There really is no good reason to not have a photo on LinkedIn if you intend to use it as either a professional networking tool or a job search platform.

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