Networking is hard enough without communication mistakes.

Conquering communication mistakes

However, maybe it is the stress of networking that makes us more susceptible to communication mistakes.

Talking too much. 1st Communication Mistake

We try to tell our network connections about us. But often, we fail to stop talking.

We fail to build the connection by continuing to talk about ourselves, about anything that comes to mind.

Speak less.

Not listening. 2nd Communication Mistake

 When we get nervous, we keep talking when we should listen. Communication is a two-way street.

Often we are so busy thinking of what we will say next that we don’t even listen to the other person. This makes networking challenging and communication almost impossible.

Learn the art of listening. Stop thinking of what you are going to say next and give yourself some time to really hear the other person.

Life storytelling. 3rd Communication Mistake

 You may be convinced people want to hear everything from the beginning of time. Life storytelling is rarely effective. You lose the audience or listener very quickly when you give them your whole life story.

Instead, speak in sound bytes. When I used to give more media interviews as part of my job representing nonprofits, I had to learn the art of speaking in sound bytes. You need to let the other person interject and ask questions.

Failure to be interested in the other person.  4th Communication Mistake

You need to recognize that communication is a two-way street. Ask questions. Show you care about the other person.

All of these communication mistakes tie together.

Networking is a challenge. Improvement your communication strategies and you will experience more success.

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