What is the right problem to address in your job search?

I notice job seekers are willing to follow the advice of any Tom, Dick, or Harry in their job search. Pulled willy-nilly by “so-called” experts who really only talk about their personal preferences or something they read in a book.

Obviously, there are some people you should listen to in your job search. If you let yourself be swayed by every bit of advice online or from your neighbor down the block, you will be stuck.

Why you might be holding yourself back in your job search

Many people worked hard on their resume perhaps even hired a professional resume writer. It is important to make sure the resume matches the target, which might mean small changes to keywords or targets.

But sometimes that desire to “fix” the resume with every bit of advice you find online or from your next door neighbor, or even a hiring manager with particular tastes, stalls your job search.

At some point, you have to get the resume out there.

More importantly, you have to network into companies and not just apply online.

I see people so worried about what they could be doing wrong or so worried about making a bad impression in a phone call that they do nothing.

Address the right problem, check your job search strategy

As a professional resume writer, of course, I want you to have a top-tier resume, an outstanding cover letter, and a compelling LinkedIn profile. This is why I exist.

However, I notice that many job seekers who talk about job search on LinkedIn who get stuck in the abundance of information and misinformation that they go nowhere.

They rewrite their resume, change-up their LinkedIn profile, but never go beyond the online application.

Don’t be a nowhere person. Get your job search going. You won’t know if you don’t try.

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