Are you ready to change trajectory? defines trajectory as:

If you stay on your current trajectory of constant shopping, dining out, and yacht rentals, you’ll end up broke. trajectory is the path of an object through space, or the path of life that a person chooses.

Trajectory comes from the Latin trajectoria, which means “throw across.” The prefix tra- is short for trans-, which means “across” (think transport and transit) and the ject comes from jacere, which means “throw” and is also the root of the word jet. If you wanted to describe the path of a jet through the sky, you could refer to the jet’s trajectory

Is this the time for you to change trajectory?

In 2020, most people would agree that their life trajectory and possibly career trajectory has taken a very different path than they expected on New Year’s Eve 2019.

The question is what are you going to do with this time in history? Over the course of the last three to four months, I have seen multiple reactions to these changes.

Some people have chosen to hide and despair. Their ability to function has been largely diminished by the events of 2020. Brilliant people who generally could usually be called on to lead the charge to new learning seemed to slip into oblivion as their ability to work in their space was limited or eliminated.

Where do you start to change trajectory?


I noticed many people who got stuck in the wrong mindset. At points, during the last few months, I even found myself wallowing. If you have turned to the mindset that you are going to fail, you probably will.

However, once you recognize that you are ruled by negativity, it is the first step to changing that mindset.

I understand that these are the most peculiar times in recent or even non-recent history. On some days, it seems that everything and every normalcy is broken.

But don’t despair, you have the ability to change your mindset and think positively.

Identify alternatives

One of the first things many organizations did when they needed to banish workers to work from home is to transition to Zoom. Today, as I speak to leaders, they are identifying many different ways that Zoom can replace the in-person meetings they held regularly when they worked in the office.

In addition, multiple tools are being developed regularly or discovered by new users that make the work in the home office more efficient and more productive.

Change the mode of delivery. Many restaurants rapidly moved to either delivery or pick-up. Apps that delivered food became much more commonplace than in the past. After the initial shock of being issued stay-at-home orders, people found themselves desiring foods that they used to go out to eat. Restaurants who turned to this alternative and marketed it correctly, found themselves with a line of revenue that didn’t exist before the pandemic.

How do I change my trajectory as a job seeker?

Attitude and mindset play a key role in moving forward. In addition, if you make yourself available to new ideas and alternatives, you may find yourself in new roles using the same skills you leveraged before the pandemic.

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Are you ready to change trajectory?

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