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Is emotional clutter messing up your job search?

poses-1367416_1280-1024x708 Is emotional clutter messing up your job search?

Do you struggle with emotional clutter? Perfectionist Toxic Relationships Indecision Drama Procrastination Envy Insecurity Paralysis by Analysis Avoidance Job seekers struggle with emotional clutter too! Perhaps even more than other times in their lives, job seekers evaluate themselves very closely. This can be good to make sure the impression a job seeker leaves is positive…

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And the end has come

For those of you who read this post, What do you do when the unexpected happens? about my Mom’s fall or followed the dialog on Facebook or Google+, Mom died at 7:30pm on July 8 at the age of 84. Today is the visitation and tomorrow the funeral or as I called it, the celebration…

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What makes a job search weak?

man-1828542_1920-1024x683 What makes a job search weak?

Job seekers often blame other issues when their job search doesn’t seem to be getting them results. Business owners do the same. But most of the time, you can succeed despite the economic conditions, despite challenges that get in your way, and despite personal or family problems as you strive to change your outcome. Clients…

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