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Do you need a better email for your job search?

Today’s job seeker needs a good handle on technology but often they also need a better email to give the right first impression. Is there a better email? Headlines last week talked about Yahoo’s emails being hacked in 2014 and the 500 million users affected. Additionally, in 2013 they believe another 1 billion users were impacted…

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Is your online identity ready to be examined?

Do you think your online identity could take the scrutiny of a political campaign? How about your online identity affecting your job search? Listening to the political mess the United States is experiencing with two candidates who didn’t pass any litmus tests is a clue to how important your online identity and past is to…

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How to be successful in social media

Often I am asked the secret to success in social media and I think it boils down to one thing. Be Authentic! Be Genuine The key to social media is being authentic People read books and articles on how to be successful on social media looking for something magical. But there are two things that…

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